The difference between Bingo and Keno

Those who go to the online casino to gamble with Keno will undoubtedly have to think of Bingo. Keno is very similar to Bingo and that’s because they have many similarities.

Yet there are distinct differences that distinguish Keno and Bingo. Keno is often compared to Bingo because both games resemble a lottery. In addition, Keno resembles Bingo because both games are played with numbers.

Difference between Keno and Bingo

In both games you can win with these numbers. Many people confuse Keno and Bingo or cannot distinguish the differences. A common mistake with Keno is that the terms are mixed up with the terms of Bingo. This quickly confuses you and you don’t know exactly what you’re playing. To make things clearer we’d like to explain the differences between Keno and Bingo. The difference between Keno and Bingo will soon be much clearer. So you’ll always know exactly what the games have to offer and what makes Keno different from Bingo!

The differences

The main difference between Keno and Bingo is that in Keno you can choose your own numbers. When you play Keno you will be able to predict which numbers will come out of the machine. If you are going to play Bingo you will have to wait and see which numbers will fall from the reel. You can’t place wagers on numbers because you’ll only know when your card is full.

In both casino games you can win in a totally different way. In Keno winnings are achieved by betting on a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10 numbers. If the numbers you’ve chosen actually come out of the machine, you’ll earn a high profit. In Bingo, you only have a win when your playing card is full. This can start with 1 row and eventually you play for a full card.
Big prizes are to be won at KenoBig prizes can be won at Keno
The payouts for keno and bingo are also different. So you will soon notice a lot of difference when you start playing Keno compared to Bingo. When you play Keno the payouts will often be higher than when you play Bingo. While playing Bingo you have the chance to win cash prizes up to a few hundred and sometimes a few thousand Euros. Playing Keno? Then a payout can quickly become high.

In some variations of Keno you can even win up to 300,000 times your stake. That quickly adds up to an incredibly high amount and provides a lot of excitement while playing. Let’s say you wagered €1 on Keno and you win 300,000 times your stake, then you have a total amount of no less than €300,000 up your sleeve. This quickly makes it more than worthwhile to take a gamble with Keno.

Using bonuses for keno

Something which makes playing keno even more interesting is using a bonus. Of course you can also use bonuses at Bingo but often it’s even more exciting at Keno. This is because a bonus can often result in extra play credit. This is very interesting because with keno you can often achieve higher winnings. In that case you want to receive extra credit because you want to win as much as possible. You can use different bonuses while playing keno.

It depends on which bonus you want to use and which bonuses are offered by the online casino. Have you seen a bonus you want to play with? Then you can click on it and then you can start playing with it. If you play keno with a bonus there is a good chance you will receive extra credit. It is also advisable to use some sort of Keno strategy. With the extra play credit you can place extra bets or place higher bets. It just depends on how you want to use the bonus. Always do this optimally so you can get the most out of the bonus for Keno.

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Deposit your own money

Before you can start playing Keno at the online casino you will need to have your own player account with play credit. You can create your own account by filling out a registration form. This is very simple and doesn’t take much time either. When you have created the account you can transfer any amount to your player account.

For Keno this can always be done through a payment method of your choice. Choose for example Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, Mastercard or PaySafeCard. Has the payment been completed? Then the credit becomes available in your player account. From that moment on you can use it as playing credit for Keno. You can use it to place wagers of your choice. When you start playing Keno you can also find out for yourself exactly what the differences are between Keno and Bingo. That way you’ll always know how to distinguish these two games from each other.