The best providers for an online casino

An online casino runs on a lot of different software programs. The different casino games are developed and delivered by different providers. The casino pays a decent fee for this.

You might think that slot machines are the most important part of an online casino but in reality it’s the casino software that has the most important function. Playing games, depositing money, activating bonuses, all these activities are handled by the online casino program.

The best casino software providers

The quality of the online casino software directly affects the quality of the players’ online gambling experience. Many casinos therefore strive to work with the best providers in the world. However, this does not always work out. On the one hand, it is a finacial issue, as cooperating with the top companies is expensive. On the other hand, the providers of an online casino require that all licenses and permits are in order. You will rarely find this top provider at rogue casinos, which is also very nice to know. Who are the best providers in the world of online gambling?

#1 NetEnt

Netent is the king of innovative slot machines, and the inventor of many different techniques such as Avalanche Reels and Cluster Reels. They also offer live casino games and VR (virtual reality) slots. If you are interested in playing the most advanced online slots, NetEnt casinos are the place to be.

#2 Microgaming

Microgaming is literally the grandfather of online casinos oftware. They launched the world’s first online casino and developed the first casino software for it. In other words, we owe it all to Microgaming. Their casino platform is called Quickfire and offers more than 600 games in different categories. Quickfire is also a betting software, and offers support for sports betting.

#3 Evolution Gaming

Netent may be the king of video slots, but Evolution Gaming is the king of live casino. They are the largest live dealer casino software provider in the world, and are known for the high quality of their broadcasts. Evolution Gaming does not develop casino games, they only produce live broadcasts. And they are the best in this genre. If you are interested in playing with real dealers, choose an Evolution Gaming casino.

#4 IGT

International Game Technologies, or IGT, is the inventor of video slots. In the 1990s they developed the world’s first video slot. Other developers quickly followed their lead. IGT has the license of the most popular TV shows and Hollywood movies, and thus has a large collection of branded slots. They also work with land-based casinos and manufacture physical game consoles.

#5 Novomatic

Novomatic is famous for its slots with classic Egyptian theme. It is one of the oldest developers of casino software in the industry. They are mainly known for their 9 payline video slots, but they also develop very advanced management software for online and land-based casinos.

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Key benefits of playing with top casino software

There are a lot of advantages to prefer top casino software developers. Innovative games, fast gameplay, stunning graphics, play speed. You name it. The quality of the software makes for a carefree and memorable gaming experience. Yet there is one point that should be the focus of every online gambler. And that is security.

Player safety and security should be a deciding factor in choosing an online casino. The best online casino software providers give players that guarantee. So as long as you’re playing at a casino that runs on software from one of these top 5, then you can be sure that data security is fine.

Players provide their bank account and personal information when they sign up. This information is used to identify players and carry out transactions. It is important that your data is handled carefully. You cannot see what is happening. Again, always choose an online casino that works with a reputable software provider.

What to look for in a software provider?

Finding an online casino with a reliable software provider is not an easy task. Therefore, here is a short summary of criteria you can use to check if everything is kosher.

  • Multi-platform support
  • The online casino software should be able to run on multiple operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and so on. Whichever one you use, the casino software should be able to switch seamlessly.

  • Legalization
  • The casino software provider must be licensed by at least two different (and reputable) authorities. This is a minimum, in the industry the more the better. Do not confuse this with the license of the online casino itself. It is not the same thing. Gaming Authorities also issue licenses for casino software developers.

  • Cross-compatibility
  • All games that are part of the casino software should be playable on different devices. Even within the same play session. For example, you should be able to start playing on a mobile device and continue where you left off on a desktop. Similarly, bonus points should transfer between devices.

  • Graphical quality
  • No one likes to play games that look bad. It’s 2020 and we expect sophisticated visuals, not simple fruit symbols. Both visual quality and animations should be impressive.

  • Games Variety
  • Both quality and quantity are important here. If possible, the developer of the online casino software should provide support for games from other providers. That way you can play a wide range of games with one and the same software. And cooperating with other providers always ensures better quality.

  • Multilingual support
  • Online casino software should support multiple languages so you can easily play games in your own language. This mainly affects the interfaces of the games themselves. The management part of the casino software, which takes place in the background, will usually only be available in English.

  • Price of the software
  • Getting the right software for a new online casino depends on the budget you have set. The different software from the top 5 have different cost ranges. Often, the more features, the higher the cost. Features such as excellent sound, graphics, animation and speed will attract more players to your site. To provide this, it is advisable to choose only the best software providers. Customers will switch to a competitor in no time.

    Select the best online casinos

    One thing should be clear. As a player it’s very pleasant to play at an online casino with the best providers. That means you’re playing on the best software. It’s graphically beautiful, has great ease of play. The games rarely crash and other malfunctions are also rare.

    Another advantage is that the best software providers only work with good reliable online casinos. They do not wish to cooperate with a casino that does not have the proper licenses. This also gives you as a player a nice feeling. Here you can compare the different casinos and choose one based on your preferences. Also, feel free to read the reviews first. They will tell you which providers the casinos work with and which licenses they have. As you know, we recommend that you only play at online casinos with a Dutch license.