The best craps player in the world: Dominic LoRiggio

Every once in a while, people play in casinos who stand out. Sometimes this is because of their personality, but mostly because they achieve great success and win a lot. One of these people is Dominic LoRiggio, known as a player of the game Craps.

His winnings led to him being unwelcome in many casinos (he obviously cost them too much) but he never cheated and always played honestly. So read through his story so you know that you can be successful with Craps too.

Some facts about LoRiggio

LoRiggio grew up and studied and worked in the United States. He worked in an office for years but traded this career to become a professional gambler by counting cards during the game. He started doing this in the late 1980s. He then shifted his interest to Craps with which he wanted to win a lot. LoRiggio is known in the gambling world as The Man with the Golden Arm and as The Dice Dominator.

Practicing with dice

In the early 1990s, LoRiggio began practicing dice throwing fanatically. He developed a special technique for this that brought him considerable success. By throwing the dice in the same special way every time, luck was smiling on him and the dice always fell in the right way, allowing him to win.

Winning led to exile

He was so persistent and never gave up, perfecting his roll and winning every time. This was not exactly appreciated by the casinos he visited and he was kindly asked to leave the casino and not return. This happened to him all over the United States and eventually he ended up on a black list of players who were no longer welcome anywhere. During the time he gambled and won, he never did anything criminal or wrong.

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Special technique to throw

His technique for throwing, however, was so well developed and he had practiced it for so long that it could not go wrong. Much to the dismay of the casinos who saw their profits dwindle when LoRiggio was present. He was given control of the dice in a game that usually depends entirely on luck.

Playing in a team, alone and with someone else

LoRiggio began playing Craps on a team called Rosebud. He also taught the other members how to throw correctly to get the desired number of pips. He had the most success, however, and by persevering he managed to win a lot. After playing alone for a while he met writer and professional gambler Frank Scoblete. He taught him the right tactics and together they won quite a lot.

Moving on in life

Due to his successes, LoRiggio was gradually banned from more and more casinos and denied entry. However, he didn’t give up and now teaches other people his technique for throwing the dice correctly to achieve the desired result. He does this together with Frank Scoblete. He has also written several books describing the technique used so that it can be taught by others. He also owns his own Golden Touch Craps company.

Enormously persistent person

Do you now think that LoRiggio was cheating and that the perfect way to roll the dice doesn’t exist and he was mostly lucky at the game? This has been proven by him himself that it is not so. He kept practicing and practicing to improve and refine his technique and in the end it certainly didn’t do him any favors. The technique can, of course, be learned by others but keep in mind that you need to be skilled at it and that you must not give up and keep practicing. It requires an enormous discipline to get as far as LoRiggio and it is not exactly a job that you just do. People as persistent as him are few and far between, and most will give up much sooner, too.

Similar success is not for everyone

In practice, very few people will achieve the same success with it as he does. In addition, keep in mind that it remains a game for many and not everyone can be as professional with it as LoRiggio. Moreover, if it is discovered that you too have a golden streak, you run the risk of being banned from the casino. Also, self-draw craps can only be played in real casinos and not in online casinos, so for many people it is not even accessible because they only play online.