The absurd amounts casinos spend on renovations

When you gamble at the casino you want to enjoy yourself. You want to gamble in a place that has a good atmosphere and where you feel comfortable. Casinos try to keep you in for as long as possible and they decorate their premises accordingly.

So it can quite often happen that renovations are made to make it even more convenient for the players.

Good investments pay off

These renovations cost money and we’ve made a list of how much money big casinos spend to please their players. And mind you: good investments pay off because if players stay longer or return more often it only means more revenue for the casino itself and they usually get the invested money back in no time.

Sands Cotai Central

The Sands Cotai Central casino has spared no expense by spending $1.1 billion on a renovation in 2020, just under a billion in euros. This investment was made for the casino on Macau, and it will be in full swing for the foreseeable future. There is speculation that most of the money will be put into the casino (with a London theme) and its hotel.

Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort

At number 2 is the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort, which had a remodel done for some $620 million (€5.5 million) in 2019. The casino opened in 2001 and has been heavily visited by many celebrities since then. They have had quite a bit of competition from other casinos during its existence so in order to stay in the game it is important to attract as many players as possible. The renovation consists of mainly new bars, the acquisition of works by great and well-known artists, a trendy floor and a concert theater and those are just a few things that are planned.

The Palazzo

The Palazzo managed to invest about $150 million (about €130 million) in a renovation in 2018. The casino opened in 2007 but because everything was a bit outdated over time, it faced quite a bit of competition from other casinos. Therefore, the choice was made for a thorough renovation in which the floor was tackled but also the gaming rooms were renewed and the slot machines and bars were given a new look. Everything is fresh and fruity again so it can last a while.

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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel decided to spend $90 million (almost €80 million) on a renovation in 2018. It’s not directly located in an obvious spot but enough players flock to it so a renovation is worthwhile. A whopping 180 new rooms were added in the two-year renovation and art was purchased so there’s something for guests to admire as well.

Ocean Resort Casino

In the next spot is the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, also a veritable paradise for gamblers. In 2018, $2.4 billion (over €2 billion) was allocated for renovations there. The casino closed in 2014 until it was bought by AC Ocean Walk a few years later. This was followed by a huge and very expensive renovation and an alliance with William Hill for sports betting. They also offer online gambling, so they have a wide variety of options and attract a large audience.

Flamingo Las Vegas Casino

In 2017, the Flamingo Las Vegas Casino was remodeled for $96.5 million (almost €85 million). The owner of this casino is Caesars Entertainment who has already invested quite a bit in upgrades and renovations in all the casinos they own in recent times. Flamingo stands out from the crowd because it was renovated for a lot of money. The rooms were updated but also the floor of the casino and the meeting room were well taken care of. The environment was also immediately considered by opting for more economical lighting.

MGM Grand Detroit casino

The MGM Grand Detroit casino was given a good overhaul in 2017. To make this casino also attractive (the location is not immediately the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a casino) the choice was made to completely upgrade the rooms and provide them with all modern conveniences. The lounge and bar have been renovated so you can not only gamble but also enjoy the food and entertainment.

Wynn Encore Casino, Macau

The Wynn Encore Casino in Macau remodeled in 2010 for some $650 million (almost €600 million). It opened in 2006 and just four years after that it invested in a major renovation. This consisted of the construction of a second tower, which was named Encore. This tower looks just like the Encore tower in Las Vegas. There are a whopping 410 rooms and 41 extra large and luxurious rooms. The tower draws the skyline of Macau and is immediately striking when you arrive.

Planet Hollywood

In 2007, Planet Hollywood put more than $100 million (nearly €90 million) into the renovation job. It immediately changed the look of The Strip in Las Vegas when the old Aladdin Resort was tackled. You now immediately see the Planet Hollywood sign which you really can’t ignore. Special was that during this renovation the complex remained open and you could go there for the necessary entertainment and could also just stay. Much of the money was spent on renovating the rooms.

Caesars Palace

The last in the list of large and expensive renovation projects is Caesars Palace, which had $289 million (over 250 million) tacked on in 2005. In fact, in that year, the signature tower (Augustus Tower) was added to the complex. Plans for this were ready in 2003 but work was only completed in 2005. In 2012, the Octavius Tower was also added during an even more expensive renovation.