Tattoos related to gambling

Gambling is considered fun by many people. You can experience the excitement of the game and, if you are lucky, win something nice from it as well. Are you a bit of a gambler and do you also like tattoos?

Then there is nothing crazy about choosing to get a gambling-related tattoo. Even within that, the choice is certainly wide. Think for example of a tattoo of your favorite game or let your winnings be immortalized.

Tattoos with a special meaning for the one who has it

Do you have a gambling-related tattoo? Then you are clearly someone who is not afraid to take a risk and who is not averse to a little challenge and excitement in life. Some people think that such a tattoo will bring them more luck in the game and who knows, that may be true. Not a fan of tattoos and don’t like the idea of having one for gambling at all?

Then keep in mind that such an image has a special meaning for many people and that they can use it to think back to a period that was very important to them. If not in a positive or negative sense. We have listed some of the common tattoos related to gambling so you can see what is possible.

1. Royal Flush

Many fans of Poker choose to have an image of a Royal Flush. In Poker, you make a Royal Flush when you can make a ten, jack, queen, king and ace of the same color together. It doesn’t matter which color, but the combination with Spades cards is the most famous. Such a tattoo can also be extended to other gambling symbols.

2. The Joker

The Joker tattoo does not have anything to do with gambling, but it does symbolize taking risks to get what you want. Combining this card with another image such as more Aces in your favorite game color again clearly indicates a gambling enthusiast.

3. The roulette wheel

Fond of roulette? Then you can also immortalize the wheel and chips in a tattoo. The tattoo shows that this is a player who is serious about roulette and that it is his or her favorite game to play.

4. All the colors of the rainbow

Fond of all the games at the casino? Then a tattoo with playing cards, chips, part of the Roulette wheel, dice and money is a good idea to get. This one catches the eye immediately and especially if a lot of bright colors are used for it.

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is of course the most famous when it comes to gambling. If you get a tattoo of the ultimate gambling city, it is immediately clear that you are an aficionado. There is a reason why so many people go to this place every year to gamble. Have you been there yourself or are you planning to go? Then this tattoo will suit you just fine.

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