Sweet Bonanza Candyland

What can you expect when you start playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

What you see at a glance are the sweet candy colors. The background looks like a candy fairyland and in the middle is the big wheel. The areas on the wheel with the numbers and bonus games also have sweet colors.

The presenter himself also has an outfit on which perfectly fits the sweet candy theme. The presenter keeps spinning the wheel and announcing the outcomes. The wheel reads Sweet Bonanza Candyland in attractive colors and letters.

When the wheel falls on the Sweet Spins box you are taken to that game. The presenter walks here and you are shown a slot machine that again fits the theme. The symbols that are on the Sweet Spins slot machine are bananas, candies in different colors and shapes, apples, grapes and plums. Above this slot is Sweet Spins in a sweet attractive way.

When the wheel lands on Candy Drop you are taken to a wall maze. At the top you will see three balls of different colors next to each other. All three balls fall down one after the other and land on a certain value. The balls have the colors blue, red and yellow.

You can see four rows below each other and the ball first passes a number with ‘+’, then ‘x’, then ‘+’ and then ‘x’ again. So it depends on where your chosen color ball passes and what value it will have. It is also possible that the ball passes an empty square. The numbers are also shown in colors and are therefore clearly visible.

How the game looks on your screen

When you start playing the game, you see at least the setting of the game. What you also see on the screen are the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. These are approximately at the bottom in the middle and these are buttons so you can bet on these numbers.

Next to the numbers are the bonus games that you can bet on. The numbers are in different colors of which the 1 is in yellow, the 2 in purple, the 5 in pink and the 10 in red. The bonus games immediately stand out because of their logo.

At the very bottom you can see what the wheel has fallen on before. At the bottom left you can see your balance in currency. At the bottom right you see your total bet in currency and above that is a button that you can turn on and off. This is the button whether you want a repeated bet. It’s shaped like a candy.

When you land on Sweet Spins, every player who has bet on this gets 10 spins. The spins are done by the presenter and so this has the same total value at the end of the game for each player. So the final total depends on how much you bet.

When you arrive at Candy Drop and you have bet on this you have a choice of three different balls. You see blue, red and yellow. You must then gamble on a ball that you think has the most favorable value.

Frequently Asked Questions

🍭 Can I play Sweet Bonanza Candyland for free?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to practice. You can, however, use your account to watch the game while it is playing, without having to place a bet. This way you can still see what the game entails and what bonuses can be played.

🍭 What can I bet on?

You can bet on six different boxes. These boxes are ‘1x’, ‘2x’, ‘5x’, ’10x’, Candy Drop or Sweet Spins. The minimum bet is €0.20 per round. Maximum you can bet €500 per round.

🍭 Can I play Sweet Bonanza Candyland on my mobile phone?

Yes, almost all online casinos allow you to enjoy your favorite games on your cell phone. Sweet Bonanza Candyland is no exception.

Our sweet verdict on Sweet Bonanza Candyland

We can conclude that Sweet Bonanza Candyland looks attractive in any case. The sweet colors make it cheerful and you get the idea that you are in a candy fairyland. This creates a cozy and free atmosphere. What makes it fun is the fact that you can already participate with a stake of €0.20. This way you can also play for fun and you don’t have to lose much. However, there is much freedom in the choice of the stake. It is advisable to start slowly so you keep it fun for yourself.

The bonus games provide variety and it fits perfectly with the game. You can also choose to bet only on the bonus games. This can also yield favorable amounts.

The maximum win you can get out of them per round is €500,000, while you can win 20,000 times your bet. You should then end up with a higher maximum win, but the system reduces this to the maximum set limit. So keep in mind how much you bet. Betting limits can vary from casino to casino. So if you don’t want to be surprised, it’s good to check this beforehand.

The Sugar Bomb makes the game even more interesting, because you don’t even have to bet on it. Every player who has wagered on the wheel will receive the Sugar Bomb bonus. Randomly a multiplier is chosen and this also makes it more exciting.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland definitely provides a nice experience because of the whole setting and the simple rules. The sweet fairyland effect makes for free thinking and fun. The presenters play well on this as well.

The perks make the game very interesting and a lot of inspiration was taken from the Sweet Bonanza slot. If you’re already familiar with this it can feel familiar too. It’s good to know that you have the right online casino in front of you first. This is because there are often differences in them and of course you want to play in a fine way that suits you best. One casino is better reviewed than another.