Superstitions in gambling

If you ask someone in a personal way if they are superstitious, most people will probably deny it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gambling and superstition are inextricably linked and it also goes back centuries. What is gambling superstition and what are the most bizarre rituals that exist?

Superstitions in gamblingGambling superstitions

Do you recognize yourself?

Ever crossed your fingers at an important moment? Or held your chips in a certain way, thinking you could control fate? Superstitious rituals can be discussed at length, but all of them have one purpose: to force luck in the game. Whether it’s “fingers crossed” or a statement you keep repeating in your head, in everything you are looking for the confidence that will help you win a lot of money in gambling.

Denying it no longer makes sense, as research by the Public Opinion Research Center has already shown that a majority of gamblers believe in at least some type of superstition. A majority of that majority will undoubtedly know that superstition is not helpful in many cases, but it still provides guidance and gives you self-confidence.

Superstition in numbers

One of the most well-known forms of superstition while gambling can be found in certain numbers. Everyone knows that it’s not a good idea to bet on the number 13 because, according to tradition, it would bring bad luck. The unlucky number ’13’ has even been carried to the point that some hotels do not even have a room number 13 or that the 13th floor is not mentioned.

Especially in Europe and America, 13 is a purely unlucky number and this can be reasoned back to the Bible. Indeed, in the Bible, 12 is the number of ‘perfection’ and this number is reflected in 12 holy apostles. ‘More than perfect’ is therefore charged as unhappiness. By the way, this extreme fear of the number 13 is called a triskaidekaphobia, if you are prone to it.

Not all superstitions are self-invented

Many people have their own rituals, such as favorite clothing when gambling or a small stone or special card in their pocket. Yet not all superstitions are of a personal nature. In fact, most superstitious rituals probably go back generations.

Many people are sensitive to certain rituals and deliberately choose not to defy fate. Imagine if your superstition caused you to have a bad feeling even before you bet. Should you end up losing the round, this only confirms your bad feeling and superstition.

How does superstition work?

Superstition is something intangible, an activity we cannot get a handle on and a feeling for which you have no explanation. Believing in superstition grows when you have performed a certain action and the outcome is accordingly.

For example, if you win a lot of money at the casino, chances are that next time you will wear the same clothes, try to copy the same thoughts, or hold your hands along your body in the same way.

When your superstition has grown, then you start looking at other factors as well. Sometimes superstitions show us how impressionable we are and give the feeling that there is something supernatural.

Clothing, objects or drinks

Have you ever put on the same outfit to the casino when you won a lot of money one or two weeks earlier with this same style of clothing? Then you are one of those gamblers who gets superstitions from what he or she wears or has with him or her. Clothing can already be something like your favorite pants or nice T-shirt, but it can go much further;

  • Sunglasses, whether you wear them or not
  • Jewelry on your neck or fingers
  • A lucky stone, doll (especially Asian) or game card (like the Joker)
  • The color of your underpants (Chinese prefer the red color for its luck)
  • The same drink as last time

Chinese superstitions

One of the countries where superstitions really go back centuries is China. China has to be one of the oldest cultures when it comes to gambling, because gambling here goes all the way back to dynasties 1,000 years before Christ. Superstition is no stranger to the Chinese and this has been passed down from generation to generation.

For example, many Chinese wear red underwear because it is the color of happiness. It stands for happiness, success and good luck. Green additionally represents money and overall wealth, while yellow represents generous blood and a powerful aura.

Incidentally, white, in Western culture a more sacred color, in China is primarily the color of metal, death and sorrow. The Chinese wear white mainly to funerals and probably not while gambling.

Other Chinese superstitious rituals include;

  • Counting money at the table brings bad luck
  • Chinese avoid the main entrance while entering a casino, unless there is no other way
  • Touching shoulders before gambling is bad advice
  • Chinese women do well to gamble during their periods

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The sense and nonsense

Is it useful to believe in superstitions? Its usefulness is and never will be able to be made hard. On the other hand, it gives you confidence and can lead to a good outcome for you. Whether you are a person of ‘fingers crossed’ or you choose an outfit that brings good luck; if superstition gives you confidence then you should go for it. Nothing is as important as self-confidence when gambling; who doesn’t dare, who doesn’t win!