Super Andar Bahar goes live April 27

Andar Bahar is a game that is doing very well in online casinos. It is an originally Indian card game that is very fun and simple and very popular in the live casino games.

Evolution, the world’s best provider of live casino games also wants to give this game its own twist. And the company does so by adding beautiful multipliers to the game. This gives you a chance to win fantastic amounts of money. The multiplier of the game can be up to 4000x your bet. This is the biggest multiplier ever in an Andar Bahar game.

What is Andar Bahar?

To know what Super Andar Bahar Live is, we need to look at the previous games. This is because Super Andar Bahar Live is based on the classic Andar Bahar. The normal Andar Bahar game is a simple card game that is easy to understand. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards.
The new Super Andar Bahar goes live at the end of April.
The new Super Andar Bahar goes live at the end of April
Andar Bahar means inside outside. This refers to the two splits of the cards. The cards on the dealer’s side, the inside, is called Andar and the cards on the player’s side is called Bahar. You as the player can bet on either Andar or Bahar. The dealer turns over the first card and this is called the joker card.

The side that is first to have a card of the same value wins. The card that will be dealt depends on the first card to be turned up. For example, if this card is a seven, then another seven must be hit during the dealing for that side to win. The side which first has a card with the same value as the first card wins.

Andar always gets the first card. Andar therefore has a greater chance of winning first because this side gets to know the next card sooner. As a result, the payout of Andar is slightly lower than that of Bahar. Before the cards are turned over you must already place your bet on one of the two sides. You can wait with your bet until the first card is turned over.

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Odds for Andar Bahar

This game is all about pure luck and you don’t really have the ability to influence your chances of winning. This is because the cards are reshuffled after each round, giving each side an equal chance of winning first. Looking purely at probability calculations, Andar has a slightly higher chance of being the first to receive a card equal to the joker. Choosing Andar to start first only has an advantage in the situations where both cards have a card with the same value. This is only in 0.34% of the cases. The probability of this happening is so small as to be negligible. But for those who want to get the most out of a game, going for the side that gets to start first is the best choice.

Super Andar Bahar

Now you know what the normal Andar Bahar rules entail. The new version of Andar Bahar adds an extra element that gives you multiple options at your disposal while playing. Super Andar Bahar uses multipliers that can multiply the player’s bet. These multipliers are applied to the side bets that you can make on Andar Bahar. The multipliers for the side bets vary from 2x to as much as 4000x your bet.
Super Andar Bahar Live sidebets
Super Andar Bahar Live Side bets
Because you can win a big prize, the game also becomes much more exciting. The extra way to win gives you a slightly higher chance of getting your stake back than in previous Andar Bahar games. If you are all about getting the highest possible odds, then Super Andar Bahar Live is for you.

As of April 27, 2022, you can choose Super Andar Bahar from Evolution?

Super Andar Bahar has a number of advantages that the traditional version of Andar Bahar does not have. First, it is simply easier to participate in the game. With a phone or tablet, you can already join a game in your own home. Since the game is always open, you can enter the game at any time. So you can start right away when you have the time for it.

Super Andar Bahar uses a live stream so you get the feeling that you are really there. You have the convenience of an online game and the experience of a physical game. Very nice for an evening at home. Another advantage is of course profitability. At the moment Evolkution announces that on April 27, 2022 Super Andar Bahar Live will be available at the online casinos. Hopefully the Dutch legal online casinos will offer this game as well.