Stories from croupiers around the world

Casinos are often seen as places of excitement, fantasy and excess. When many of us think of casinos, we can picture James Bond sitting gracefully at a Baccarat table sipping his Martini. At the same time, we think of the glamour of Monte Carlo or the glitz of Las Vegas.

But often the outside is more beautiful than what actually takes place. The real stories, of course, can be heard from the people who work there. We collected some great stories from croupiers and dealers.

The urinating player

Once there was a gentleman at the blackjack table. He was sitting in seat five and was very unhappy with the cards he had been dealt for some time by a female dealer. At one point he angrily got up, unzipped his pants and urinated on the dealer in question.

Casino employees came running from all directions. They grabbed the man’s neck and threw him into the street. The table was closed for a short time, everything was cleaned . The dealer took a shower and put on a new oak and an hour later was back dealing as if nothing had happened.

The Exhibitionist Female Highroller

In a casino in New Zealand, a striking lady steps into the casino. She is scantily clad and carries a lot of money. She is from Thailand and would like to play Baccarat very roughly. She slides in at the table and her demand is that she wants to be helped only by young white dealers because that would bring good luck.

She plays 300,000 NZL Dollars per hand, which amounts to about €175,000 per hand. Within an hour, the lady loses 12 million NZL Dollars. Vervokkingly, the casino pays for her to take a private plane to Melbourne because she says she is going to make up money. The lady indeed returns to lose another 15 million NZL Dollars.

Between hands, she occasionally “flashed” herself to the dealer for luck. However, that didn’t really turn out to work. The dealer in question had her at the table for 10 days in a row because most Baccarat Dealers there were Asian and the lady didn’t want that. It cost her a total of NZL 27 million. The dealer had never had anyone lose that much before.

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The sad player

A VIP employee of a casino in Las Vegas tells the following story:
I worked in a Las Vegas casino a few years ago, in VIP services. One of our high rollers, who visited regularly, had such a serious gambling problem that his wife divorced him.

He lost everything at the tables and couldn’t even pay his plane ticket home. He threatened to go to the roof of the hotel and throw himself off. The casino felt so sorry for him that we ended up buying him a ticket home. Never heard from him again. Yes, it really happened, it was a brand new casino, so I’m sure they didn’t want to take the risk of ignoring his threats.

The healthy dealer

At the Blackjack table sits a man who is about €2000 loss. A nice man who also just tipped nicely. When he lost another big pot he got furious, slammed his fist on the table and yelled “FUCK” so loud that the whole casino heard it. It was obvious that he could not afford to lose such amounts.

Then I had a couple of drunk guys at my table who called me names because I didn’t give them the winning cards. It was also in the days that people smoked a lot at the table. That unhealthy smell and that terrible atmosphere made me decide that night that this profession was not for me. The money I was making was good, but it didn’t make up for the misery I was enduring. I was done with it.

The player who lost everything

I was sitting next to a man. He was driving a Pepsi truck. He said his mother had just died and left him $30,000. He had never had that much money before, so he thought he could make it $100,000. We are sitting at the blackjack table. He gets drunk and cries constantly because of the loss of his mother.

The cocktail waitresses help him all night and he gives them $25 for each drink. In 2 hours he has lost everything. He has a nervous look on his face and said his wife will kill him if she finds out, because they have 4 children and wanted to buy a house. He walks out. 10 Minutes later I go to my car and see that he has been stopped for drunk driving….

Within 24 hours his mother died, he gets a lot of money, loses everything, will probably get a divorce, and has been arrested for drunk driving.