Sticky Bonus

Here at we try to find the best bonuses for all players. In addition, we carefully explain how a bonus works and whether or not a bonus is interesting to grab. In this article we discuss a pretty unknown bonus, the Sticky Bonus.

There are not that many casinos that offer this casino bonus but since it does exist we will discuss this bonus here.

What is a Sticky Bonus?

Actually, the name of the bonus covers it right away. Sticky means sticky and it comes down to the fact that the bonus actually sticks to the casino. Therefore, you cannot withdraw this bonus even if you have met the wagering requirements. That sounds a bit strange. So does a Sticky Bonus actually help you?

The answer is: yes. You can use this bonus to unlock money. Let’s clarify it with an example. Let’s say an online casino offers a 100% bonus with a maximum of $150 to new players and this bonus is sticky. A new player deposits $150 and then gets $300 credited to his account.

With the £150 bonus amount, this player goes to play a slot machine and after a while he manages to meet the 35x wagering requirements and at that time he has £800 in his account. Then at that time he can have everything paid out except for the €150 bonus. So he has been able to use the bonus to get a nice balance in his account but is not allowed to cash out the bonus itself.

This seems unfair in relation to other bonuses but it really depends on the conditions attached to the bonuses themselves. A regular bonus with a 45x wagering requirement is less interesting than a Sticky Bonus with a 35x wagering requirement. So pay attention to that, it can sometimes be quite an interesting bonus.

Money you win with a Sticky Bonus can be cashed out

This is the most important rule to remember. Just be aware that you can only do so once you have met the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of bonuses are always listed at an online casino. Often in a separate section with bonus terms. Make sure you always read these in advance so you know where you stand.

Please note that once you have met the terms and conditions and you choose to withdraw your winnings, the casino will remove the bonus amount from your account. So you can’t play with it indefinitely.

Is this bonus worth it?

Many players often pass up a Sticky Bonus, but this is not justified. The advantage of the Sticky Bonus is that the conditions are often more favorable than with other bonuses. The casino doesn’t really give the money away, so they don’t have to earn it back. Therefore, make sure you know what the conditions are and you will see that this Sticky Bonus can often be quite interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best casino bonus?

We think the best bonus is the one with the most favorable wagering conditions. Many players find the No Deposit Bonus to be the best bonus.

What is the biggest disadvantage of the Sticky Bonus?

You can never cash out the bonus itself, only the winnings made with it.

What is the biggest advantage of a Sticky Bonus?

The playthrough requirements are often much more favorable than with other bonuses.

The advantages of the Sticky Bonus

A bonus that you can’t cash out may not seem worth it, but there are definite advantages to a Sticky Bonus.

  • Extra play money that you can also make a profit with.
  • Redemption terms are often much better than with other bonuses.
  • Free money to try out casino games.
  • Enjoy the best casino games for an extra long time with free extra play money.

So you see, there is something to be said for every bonus. Of course it seems like a huge disadvantage if you can’t cash out a bonus. But you have to look at it differently. The conditions are better so you can sometimes build up a nice bankroll with it. And you can have those winnings paid out after the conditions are met.