Special gambling stories

For some people, a bet when gambling is rarely too big. They can easily bet a million dollars where someone else can only bet a few euros or dollars and if they lose, it doesn’t really matter.

For the viewers, such a gamble is of course very exciting to follow. Especially since it sometimes happens with amounts that most people can only dream of.

Gambling with gigantic stakes

There are many people who, in gambling cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macao, gamble with amounts that exceed all limits. Whether it is a real gambling addiction that leads to these absurd amounts or whether it is just a form of bad luck, who knows? The truth will probably lie somewhere in the middle. The following stories may show that people really can lose themselves completely in the casino games.

The story of Kerry Packer

An example of a gambler where the height of the bet does not really play an important role is Kerry Packer. He is known as the gambler who made the highest bets ever. And managed to lose them too. Not too difficult to understand then why casinos are happy to welcome him as a guest. Not only does he bring a nice sum of money, but every loss he makes is a profit for the casino itself.

In 1999 he even managed to lose about £28 million in a game of Blackjack at a casino in London but this did not stop him from continuing to gamble. He is also known for his generosity as he once tipped the croupiers $1 million and paid off the mortgage for one of them.

The Story of Archie Karas

Take Archie Karas, for example. This legendary gambler first managed to win a lot playing both Poker and other games in the casino. However, his chances also turned and luck turned against him. He lost $17 million in Craps within three weeks and another $2 million in Poker. A great feat in a short period of time but of course not exactly positive for the gambler in question.

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From everything to nothing

This certainly rings true for a woman in Arizona who managed to win $1200 from the jackpot at a casino. However, when she wanted to cash in, she refused to show her passport, which made the casino employees suspicious and realized that the woman was staying in the United States illegally. Consequence: she did not receive her money won and was also sent back to Mexico, where she came from.

Addiction with bad consequences

Becoming addicted to gambling can have many bad consequences, and not just financial ones. This is what Justyn Larcombe experienced first hand. By taking bets on sporting events, he not only lost all his money and possessions such as his car and home, but it also cost him his marriage and left his wife with the children. Both of them had well-paying jobs but so he risked them by a gambling addiction, which is extremely sad.

All or nothing

A special story is that of Jake Cody who managed to win a large amount of money with Poker. He played this game at a tournament and managed to win as much as almost $60000. He did this in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. He had managed to earn quite a bit at a Poker championship but was not completely satisfied with the by no means insignificant earnings and decided to bet it all on Roulette. The bet went to the table and when the number 22 fell, he won almost $120000 with it. Logically, this story quickly went viral on all social media channels.