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When you first start playing at the casino, chances are that you want to find out what slot machines have to offer. How do they work? What are the advantages? You want to know the odds of winning and the minimum and maximum bets that can be placed on a slot machine. Of course, the biggest offline slot machine provider is Holland Casino.

In order to give you an idea of what to expect from these games, we have explained it all on this page. Of course, you can play free slots in any of the casinos we tested before placing any money on it. Free slots have no time limit and no risk of loss.

Slot MachinesSlot machines have great graphics

Play for Money

If you like playing the slots, you can go to Holland Casino and the various gaming halls such as jacks Casino. What do you need to do? First of all, you have to fill out a registration form at HC. This is possible if you meet the age requirement, which is a minimum of 18 years or older. Have you registered yourself? Then you can enter and play on the slot machines for money.

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Different kinds of slot machines

You can gamble on different types of slot machines. We’ve already covered them briefly, because it’s not just the classic slots that are interesting. If you prefer to play a video slot or a jackpot slot, this is also possible. In addition, video poker also falls under the category of slot machines, as you don’t gamble at a gaming table or sit across from a real dealer. What can you expect from each type of slot? We’ll show you right here.

Video Slots

If you want to play slots in a casino, then you should definitely consider playing video slots. A video slot is a slot machine that usually has 5 reels. This way it usually has more reels to win on and a higher number of paylines. On top of that most video slots have all kinds of extra game features. Wild symbols as substitutes, Scatters symbols for winning free spins and bonus games. All these perks within their own theme usually make you feel like you’ve sat down at a real slot machine pretty soon.

Classic Slots

Among the slot machines that can be played you will of course find the classic slots. These are generally the slots with fruit symbols. It can be that these are equipped with 3 reels, but also that there is a basic game and top game to win with. Extra features are less common in classic slots, but that doesn’t mean they can’t generate big winnings. Well known classic slots games include Random Runner, Simply Wild and Club 2000.

Jackpot Slots

Players who are in for winning big money prizes should definitely take a look at the jackpot slots which can be played. If you open the jackpot category you will mainly see slot machines that can pay out a progressive jackpot. Winning thousands, tens of thousands and even millions of Euros becomes possible. The highest prizes can be found on Netent jackpot slots. Slots like Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune and Arabian Nights are good examples of this.

Video poker machines

Slot machines with cards on them? It may sound strange, but we shouldn’t forget about the video poker machines you can play. You play video poker with one or more hands at a time against the computer. Your goal is to form the highest possible hand with the cards that are dealt. Which hands can be formed to win is different for each type of video poker. It’s always best to take a look at the slot machine’s payout table before playing for real money.

Minimum and maximum bet limits

Once you have deposited your money in the box you can start placing bets on the slot machines. It is important to keep in mind that there are always minimum bets and maximum bets. The minimum bet on a slot is dependent on a number of things. For example in the case of video slots you can choose the credit value and it can also be the case that you can set the number of win lines that should be active.

If you can choose how many winning lines you want to play with the minimum bet is usually only €0,01 per spin. Is the game played with a fixed number of winning lines? Then the minimum bet is a multiple of this €0.01. So for slot machines that use 20 fixed paylines, the minimum bet to be played is usually an amount of €0.20 per spin. This is unless a higher minimum coin value is used.

Common questions about slot machines

🎰 Are slot machines fair?

Yes, provided you play at legal casinos. A legal casino is a casino or arcade licensed by the government.

Slot machines in the Netherlands are tested by the calibration department.

🎰 Which slot machines are available?

Depends on how many software producers the casino has partnered with. Several game makers offer a wide range with dozens, to hundreds of slot machines. With a good track record, you’re almost certain to have plenty of choice.

🎰 Can I play for free?

Yes you can. We have a special page with many slots games you can play for free.

Flash software and HTML5 allow you to play slots right from your browser, without having to install any software.

How does a slot machine work?

A slot machine contains reels of symbols, and the positions at which the symbols stop are determined by an RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. It generates random numbers and converts them into specific results on a slot machine. The moment you click on the ‘Spin’ button, the result is already determined.

The reels of the slot machines contain symbols. When the same symbols appear on a win line you have a prize.

What are symbols?

Symbols are displayed on a slot machine. Each symbol has its own unique value. It is common for a slot machine to also have some kind of bonus symbol. This can start a bonus feature or in some cases activate a jackpot.

It is recommended that you read up on the slot machine reviews on our website to find out which features trigger extra winnings.

🎰 Where do I find them?

Slot machines can be found in land-based casinos, such as Holland Casino It is up to you whether to stay close by by playing at a local arcade or to visit a nearby casino. In all Holland Casino establishments combined, there are over 6500 slot machines to be found.

This does not mean that they are all different. Some casinos offer more choices than others. There are also game makers that do not offer their slot games in land casinos, but only for desktop, mobile and tablet.

Winning money with your bets

There is a lot of money to be made in Holland Casino’s slots games. How much you win depends on your bet, as well as whether there’s a jackpot attached to it at the time. If you place the maximum bet and there’s a jackpot to be won? Then you increase your chances of winning and there is a high prize amount.
Some payouts may be higher than others, but it also depends on which slot machine you’re playing.

Some slot machines have higher payout rates than others. Typically, the payout percentage is between 95% and 98%. Since the winnings are mostly dependent on the bet that is used to make the combinations, we would like to give you a tip to always take a look at the prize table. This way you can see in advance which symbol can pay out the best prizes.

Gaming strategy when playing slots

Once you’ve decided on a slot machine, you can then determine your own strategy. Do you want to play for the big money and win the maximum bet? Or do you want to take it easy and enjoy your money? You can also place the minimum bet and save your winnings for the next time you win a lot of money. Everyone plays slot machines in his or her own way.

That’s why it’s a good idea to find out what suits you best. Which slot machine you like depends on the game and its theme. For example, movie themes are interesting if you’re a movie buff, but slots that deal with animals, video games and other themes can also be found. Still in doubt? Then play the slots for free first and start gambling with a strategy later!

Slot machines at Holland Casino, what do you bet on?

The desire to win money through gambling is in almost everyone. In the Netherlands, one of the best locations is the Holland Casino. Here you can find a wide range of slot machines that are easy to understand and have a high chance of winning.
You can play big money slots, but smaller bets are also possible. This way, gambling on slot machines in Holland Casino is challenging and fun for everyone. Here we will tell you more about the options of slot machines you can possibly gamble on.

Tips and tricks for winning

It is sometimes said that “the casino always wins” and this is partly true. However, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to increase your chances of winning slot machines. That way, you’ll be the one going home at the end of the night feeling satisfied. One important tip? Choose a relatively new slot machine. This is where some people say they win and pay out more often, although this cannot (yet) be proven. The Holland Casino usually uses new slot machines, in order to keep attracting guests and to keep the variation in the game.

Holland Casino slot machinesWinning on the Slot Machines

Continue to choose a maximum bet. A small bet will ensure a small win, but your exact bet will of course depend on your own budget. The slot machines in Holland Casino are based on win lines, where you have to get the same symbol three times in a row to win.

Nowadays, slot machines are packed with many more paylines, where you can decide how many you want to play. Of course, the more of these lines or reels you can activate, the greater your chances of winning. In addition, there are several slot machines that always do well in the casino, some of which we will take a closer look at.

The bingo machine

One of the most popular slot machines in Holland Casino is the bingo machine. This machine is often used for longer periods of time and the chances of winning are statistically high. Bingo is also easy to understand on the slot machine, unlike some more complex slot machines. The system of placing crosses when your number is called is something that everyone undoubtedly knows from the past. On the slot machine, this game looks similar, but even if you have colored fewer boxes, you have a chance to win a cash prize, although it is slightly lower.

Video slot machine

The video slots in the Holland Casino are specially designed for people who do not like to stand at the table all evening or for people who have difficulty walking. Basically it’s a slot machine. You see here on a screen the display of roulette tables in their own establishment, but also those of other establishments of Holland Casino. There are also video machines of a Poker table or Bingo game. At Holland Casino, video slot machines are offered in a variety of configurations. The video slot machine is a relaxing way to gamble.

Reel machine

The most famous slot machine at the Holland Casino has to be the reel machine, which comes in several varieties. The reels, or as we called them earlier, paylines, determine your potential winnings. The symbols are important. Take the slot machine, for example; three oranges next to each other makes for a nice payout.

This reel machine can often be played for an entire evening, but there is also plenty of choice to switch between machines once in a while. The reel machine at Holland Casino is easily recognized by the ‘playing arm’ on the side of the machine.

Did you win? This is how you pay out!

Winning, that’s what we all want at Holland Casino. The way the winnings are paid out varies from machine to machine. For example, if you won money on a video slot machine, you’ll probably see a special button on the screen that says “Payout”. You will then receive a printed receipt that you can hand in at the money change and chips cashier. On these machines, you get your winnings immediately paid out in (as an example) 2 euro coins.

The ease and inconvenience of slot machines

Many people who visit Holland Casino do so specifically for the slot machines. It’s easy to wager money and the odds of winning are decent. You don’t have to think about tactics too much; just pull the lever or press the buttons. Some slot machines are more difficult to understand for some players and this can cause ease or discomfort. Some players find it interesting to gamble on a slot machine that they don’t understand, while others like to know exactly how to win money. However, due to the diversity of slot machines, Holland Casino has a good manual on which slot machines work and how to play them. Slot machines are a relaxing way to win money!

Fair Winnings Through Software

It’s good to know that there are always fair ways to win at casinos. Slot machines marketed by well-known developers like Netent, Microgaming, Play N GO or Amatic, for example, are all equipped with a Random Number Generator.

The software ensures that a result is established. Do you let the reels of the slot machines spin? Then you’ll see that they are brought to a stop at a random moment. In addition, the order of the symbols always changes. A casino can therefore not influence your chances of winning.

Besides the use of the Random Number Generator, the presence of casino licenses is also important.

A license from, for example, the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority indicates that you can play at a casino in an honest manner. All winnings made at the casino are completely legal. All of the slots we have tested have this kind of license. Do you want to gamble safely and securely?

Cashing Out Wins on Slot Machines

We all want to win money and we want to win as much money as possible. We want to win as much money as possible. If you have won a lot of money on slot machines, you can cash out right away by clicking on the payout button.

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