Slot machine features that players don’t like

There are a lot of different slot machines online. From the simple 3 reel, 1 payline slots to the most elaborate video slots with over 100,000 paylines through the Megaways system.

Developers of casino software try everything to entertain the players as much as possible. To achieve this they invent all kinds of extras with such slot machines. The so-called features. These include free spins, wilds, expanding wilds and the most wonderful bonus games.

Slot machine features that are not loved

Despite the fact that they are well thought out by the respective developers, there are also things that players really hate about these features. Research showed that these are the most common complaints players have about the extra features.

Congratulating with no prize

After a bonus game ends, the screen often displays: Congratulations you have won €….. But even if the bonus game doesn’t yield anything at all, this announcement comes. “Congratulations, you have won €0.00!” it says. Nobody really wants that.

Scatters that don’t pay out

Some slot machines will give you a prize even if you get 2 scatters in the image. But some don’t. You just sit and wait for the scatters to pay out. Then you just sit and wait for the third one to fall. Just give a small prize for 2, that saves a lot of annoyance with players.

Fold-out wilds that don’t yield anything

You know them, the slot machines that have expanding wilds. But these fall on reels without giving a prize. So please don’t open them. So frustrating.

Ridiculous “Big Win” bursts

There are slot machines that make an unimaginable party out of it with bells and whistles if you win just 10 times your stake. “Big Win” is then written with all kinds of confetti and explosions. You could do with a little less for such a small prize. Save that for the real hits.

Scatters during free spins that don’t pay any money

Often during free spins you can win more spins if the scatters fall again. But there are also slots where the scatters are disabled during the extra spins. But they still appear on the reels. Nothing as frustrating as 3 scatters during free spins that then don’t count. Just get rid of them then!

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Don’t get us wrong. There is no question that most of the features are really a gigantic asset to online slots. It would be a shame to go back to the old one-arm bandits with only three reels and one payline. And no features at all. Mind you, the classic bandits are of course beautiful works of art to put in your room as a piece of furniture, but you don’t want to play those at an online casino.

We like nice bonus games and free spins with big multipliers. That’s what keeps it exciting. And in the end every gambler knows that in the long run you can’t win. But if it’s fun to play and you can land a nice prize once in a while then it’s already good for most players. After all, you want to be entertained. So please stop with nonsensical features that bring nothing but annoyance, because then the spelrs will not come back.