Slingo Super Spin

It’s not surprising that Slingo at an online casino is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a combination of Bingo and Slots (slot machines). Each spin can yield prizes that can get pretty big in the end.

As the popularity of Slingo continues to grow, more and more variants are appearing on the market. On February 22 Slingo Super Spin will be released. A super cool variant that you should really try out as an enthusiast.

Slingo Super Spins Review

In this variant, just like in other Slingo games, a slingo card with 25 boxes appears on the screen. All the boxes contain a number, just like a bingo card. Below the card are 5 boxes. These are the reels of a slot machine. Each game you get 11 spins with the reels.

Numbers appear on the reels that may match the numbers on the card. If they do, they are strewn away. The aim is to make as many rows as possible of numbers that have been stripped away. The more lines, the higher the prize.
Slingo Super Spin from Slingo Originals
Slingo Super Spin from Slingo Originals

Special Symbols

Special symbols can also appear on the reels. This lvert you extra chances for prizes. The possible symbols are:

  • Free Spin
  • If a Free Spin symbol appears on a reel, you get a free spin as soon as the regliere 11 spins are over.

  • Wild
  • A wild symbol on a reel gives you the right to remove a number in the column above the wild symbol. This way you can complete a row or make it fuller yourself.

  • Super Wild
  • A Super Wild entitles you to clear any number on the entire card, so not necessarily the column above the symbol. It is wise, if the number has not been crossed off yet, to cross off the number exactly in the middle.

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Extra rounds

In every Slingo variant you have the opportunity at the end of the game to buy extra spins. Also in Slingo Super Spin So you have more chances to grab a win. However, these extra spins are not free. So you have to carefully consider whether it is worth taking one or more extra spins. The extra spins do get more and more expensive as the chance of a bigger prize increases. Sometimes it is better to take your loss and start a new game.

Basically the rule is, the greater the chance of getting extra rows, the higher the price for an extra spin. So it’s a matter of weighing up whether or not you should do this. There is no real strategy for it, it’s a bit of gut feeling. If you get a wild, always choose the number that completes a line or a number that is on multiple lines. This is most beneficial in the long run.