Slingo Big Wheel

Slingo games have been very popular among online gamblers in recent years. Especially Slingo Big Wheel people like to play because you can win 2500 times your stake.

But that 2500x is not easy to achieve. We will explain this fun Slingo variant in this review.

Slingo Big Wheel Review

Slingo is a fusion of a slot machine with a bingo card. A row of slot machine reels rotates under a bingo card. Corresponding numbers on the reels are crossed out on the card. You must make as many full rows (Slingos) as possible. That’s the principle of Slingo.

The highest possible score is a full card, a Full House. A Full House yields 2500x your stake in this variant. The Bonus Wheel game offers you winnings of up to 250 times your bet. Each paid round of Slingo Big Wheel comes with 10 spins. You get extra benefits with Wilds, Super Wilds and free spins. If you want extra spins at the end of the game then it depends on how the situation is.

It is therefore a good idea to set a maximum bet in advance, as this game is riskier to spend a lot of money than other Slingo games. The big highlight of Slingo Big Wheel is the Big Wheel bonus feature. If you have at least three Slingo’s then you unlock this feature and can spin the Wheel of Fortune and have an extra chance of winning great cash prizes.


The creator Slingo Original takes you with the game Slingo Big Wheel to desert and gambling city Las Vegas. This game is completely in the style of bright lights and colors which could take place in a TV studio or casino floor in Las Vegas. During this game you get the chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune to win extra large cash prizes. The Wheel of Fortune also has a nice design with all kinds of bright lights and colors. The graphic design of Slingo games has always been beautiful and this time the creators of Slingo Big Wheel have pulled out all the stops. When you play this game it seems like you’re really in Las Vegas.


The success of Slingo Big Wheels lies in the prize wheels. There are a total of 9 prize wheels to unlock and if you reach the last one you can get a prize of 2500 times the stake. The prize wheels are therefore the highlights of the game. You get here from 3 Slingos onwards. The more Slingos you clear the higher your chances of winning at this bonus round.

It is useful to know that on the first 8 prize wheels you can use a booster that will take you to the next prize wheel. If you can strip all the numbers on your card, then you have a Full House and can win 2500 times your bet on that prize wheel. The higher you get on the prize wheel ladder the more chances you have of winning big cash prizes. As mentioned, it all depends on how many Slingos you can unlock during the regular game.

Possible extras

All the action of Slingo Big Wheels starts on a 5 times 5 card where you see 25 random numbers. The goal of the game is to strip off all these numbers and unlock Slingos. You get 10 spins the opportunity to do that. On the reel, the numbers appear. Not only numbers can you spin, but also special symbols to make your mission to earn a lot of money easier.

For example, you have the Wild symbol that allows you to strip one number from the column above. With Super Wild symbols you can strip one number from all over the map. And finally, you have the Free Spin symbol which allows you to win extra spins.

Buy Extra Spins

When all regular spins and any free spins are done you have the option to buy extra spins. The price of such an extra spin depends on the probability of a bigger prize. The better the prize, the higher the price for an extra spin. So it’s a matter of weighing up each time whether it’s worth taking extra spins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Return to Player percentage at Slingo Big Wheel?

With a good betting strategy, this percentage is 95.55%. Additional paid spins, by the way, come with a Return to Player percentage of 95%.

What is the best strategy to win as much money as possible at Slingo Big Wheel?

Once you unlock Wilds and Super Wilds symbols you should always make sure to unlock Slingos. This means you clear five numbers in a row. If this is not possible with these symbols then the advice is to cross off numbers that can lead to Slingos.

What is the maximum win amount at Slingo Big Wheel?

During the bonus game Wheel of Fortune you can win 2500 times your bet. That’s the maximum and it requires a Full House. You have a total of 9 prize wheels, each with a maximum payout.

How does the Big Wheel bonus feature work?

At the end of the game you can unlock the bonus feature, provided you have been able to clear at least 3 Slingos. There are different prize wheels at different levels. So you have a better chance of winning higher amounts with 8 Slingos than with 3 Slingos.

Can you play Slingo Big Wheel for free?

If you’re not sure whether this game is for you, several online gambling websites offer demos of Slingo Big Wheel. This way you can test with zero bet whether the game is something for you. On our page is a demo game of Slingo Big Wheel.


Slingo Big Wheel is another fine game from Slingo Originals. The concept in Slingo games remains the same. You have a card of 5 times 5 with all kinds of random numbers. By spinning the card you can clear the numbers and thus unlock Slingos. You have a Slingo if you clear 5 numbers in a row. The more Slingos you have, the higher your chances of winning. To take advantage of your game you have all kinds of symbols.

There are Wild symbols where you can strip a number from the column above and with Super Wild symbols you can strip a number from the whole card. At the end of the game you end up in the bonus round, the Big Wheel bonus feature. The more Slingos you have the higher your chances of winning. With a full card you can even win 2500 times your stake.