Slingo Bells

For people who have a thing for Bingo and who also enjoy watching the reels of a slot machine spin, Slingo is the solution. It is a combination of both.

There are now dozens of variants of Slingo on the market. This is not surprising since the Slingo games are a great success at an online casino.

Slingo Bells Review

The name suggests it. Kesrtmis is at the heart of this new variant. The game has only been playable online for a few months and is already a huge success. Whether it will continue to be played so much after the holiday season is yet to be seen. But for now, players are very enthusiastic about this new variant. With Slingpo Bells you can win up to 1000x your bet.
Slingo Bells is all about Christmas
Slingo Bells is completely in the mood for Christmas

Game explanation

At the start of Slingo you are shown a bingo card with 25 boxes containing numbers. Below the card are 5 boxes which are the reels of a slot machine. At Slingo Bells, you get 11 spins with the slot machine at the start of the game. On the reels are numbers that correspond to the numbers on the card.

If a number falls on the reels that is the same as the number on the card, the nunmmer on the card is crossed off. Each full line causes a step on the prize ladder. This is shown next to the card. The aim of Slingo is to make as many Slingos (full lines) as possible on your Slingo card.

Special symbols on the reels

Special symbols appear on the reels from time to time. These can help you fill up the card faster. At Slingo Bells you have the following special symbols:

  • Jokers:
  • If you get a “Wild” on a reel then you get to strip off any number in the column above it.

  • Free Spin Symbols:
  • If a “Free Spin” symbol appears on the reel then you get an extra free spin.

  • Super Jokers:
  • This is an image of Santa Claus. Now you can select any number from the grid and cross it off.

  • Coins:
  • Coins on the reels give an instant cash prize

  • Joker Bonus:
  • Get 3 or more Jokers or Super Jokers on one spin yield a cash prize.

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Extra rounds

With every Slingo variant you have the option to buy extra rounds after the regular playing rounds. This is also the case with Slingo Bells. Sometimes it is a limited number of extra spins, but with SLing Bells you can buy them indefinitely. But as with any Slingo variant, the extra spins become more expensive as the chance of winning a bigger prize increases. So pay attention to whether it’s worth it to buy that extra spin. Sometimes it is better to take your loss and start a new game.

Basically the rule is, the greater the chance of getting extra rows, the higher the price for an extra spin. So it’s a matter of weighing up whether or not you should do this. There is no real strategy for it, it’s a bit of gut feeling. When you get a wild, always choose the number that completes a line or a number that is on multiple lines. This is most beneficial in the long run.