Signs of Gambling Addiction

10 gambling addiction warning signs

As internet was invented, online gambling was established. The emergency of online gambling welcome another complication called gambling addiction. The medicine to this disease again is found through online. That is why this article gives probable solutions to gambling addiction, warning signs, explanations and perfect actions taken when your smell the danger.

As online gamblers play from their homes, no one is available to at least utter “it is enough” They continue playing with hope of recovering the lost amount on the previous games. The more time they spend playing, the more chances of addiction.

You recognize these by noting the warning signs

For those thinking that their relatives or neighbors are addicted to playing online games, they need to investigate the following sings.

  • When gambler use gambling as a tool of escaping from stresses and depression.
  • Spending plenty time playing gambling.
  • When the player can’t manage to stop playing despite he wins or losses.
  • When the player becomes irritated or restless if somebody tries to stop him from playing the game.
  • Making constant lies to their partners or family members for the sake of gambling.
  • Recovering losses made when playing gambling from other people’s money.
  • Witnessed absenteeism form place of work.
  • Breaking or ruining important relationships in the family on the name of gambling.
  • Playing in order to recover previous losses.

Despite that over 80% of adults across the world play gambling games to pass time and perhaps enjoy, some few people engaging in playing online gambling have developed a serious problem.

Proper definition of gambling addiction

Gambling problem can be defined as a condition where the players can be greatly be affected by the game in his or her day to day life. The area affected includes physical, social, and psychological and vocations part of life. The affected person can be noticed by investigating major seven warning signs; the disorder can be treated by a trained person. Many gamblers with this disorder normally started their gambling business when they were youths like drug abuse has affected many people situated in different locations. The affected person wages on every game and can lose huge money at once.