Sign-up bonus

How can you get a sign-up bonus?

If you want to play at an online casino you can often do so without making a deposit. As we already mentioned, you can get a sign-up bonus by registering at a casino. Basically, all you need to do is create an account before you can avail yourself of the bonus. The registration process is very important. Not that it takes a long time, but it’s important to register honestly. Don’t lie about your details and make sure you can be reached by email.
Sign Up BonusSign-Up Bonus
Has a payout been requested and does the casino want to verify your identity? Then you will only receive this payout if your personal details are correct. If these are not correct then it is possible that you will be denied any winnings and the online casino will also be entitled to withhold any bonuses.

Get free money as a sign-up bonus

Once registered with a casino, the sign-up bonus comes into play. You can get a sign-up bonus in the form of free money or free spins. First of all talking about a free money bonus. When a casino gives free money at sign-up you shouldn’t expect hundreds of dollars right away. It’s a balance which is really given away because there is no deposit. We also call this a “No Deposit Bonus”. At most casinos it’s either €5 or €10 in free money.

Sign up bonus in the form of free spins

In addition to the possibility of receiving a free money sign up bonus, free spins are also commonly given. For this bonus the online casino is free to decide how many free spins it gives out to new players. Usually casinos choose to offer 10 to 25 free spins. These are then often valid for Starburst. A game full of chances to win and certainly popular on the casino market.

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Furthermore, you should know that more free spins are also given at casinos. For example, the Polder Casino gives you a total of 100 free spins to gamble with on Starburst right away upon signing up. Another casino where you also get free spins as a sign-up bonus? That’s Clover Casino, where this will be 25.

Benefits of the sign up bonus

Using the sign-up bonus at an online casino has a lot of advantages. Not only the fact that you can get money without depositing, but also that you can win with it. Furthermore, as mentioned above you only need to register yourself. If you’d like to get to know a casino’s website before playing for money? Then this is the way to go.

You can try out different games with free money or play a slot using free spins. Does everything seem fine, is it going smoothly and do you want to go for more profit? Then deposit a balance in your account, which will also provide you with the necessary bonuses. After the sign up bonus at a casino comes the welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus also part

Although the welcome bonus at a casino is only available after you make a deposit it can be included in the sign up bonus. After all, a welcome bonus is only available to new players. In order to receive it at an online casino you must be registered. Just like a sign up bonus you will often get free money and free spins. The free money is never fixed and is determined by the deposit you make.

The more money you deposit, the higher your welcome bonus will be. However, please note that there is always a maximum bonus that can be received. Usually this is between €100 and €1500, which is different for each casino.