Should you read through the Terms&Conditions of an online casino?

The terms and conditions of an online casino are a lot to take in. A long document full of legal gibberish, who wants to read it? No one, of course. Still, it’s handy to know what you’re agreeing to before you start depositing money online and gambling with real money.

It can happen that you accidentally break the rules, and the casino confiscates your winnings. So avoid this unpleasant situation by always reading the terms and conditions carefully. You can, however, limit yourself to a few passages.

What do the terms and conditions say?

All online platforms and services that you use in your daily life are bound by terms and conditions. Every time you create a social media account, or start using a new computer or smartphone, you must first accept the terms and conditions. Everyone does that blindly. But is that really smart?

For an online casino, the exact same thing applies. In this case, the terms and conditions are hidden somewhere on their website. Usually you’ll find a link in the little menu at the bottom of the main page. Online casinos are required to make the terms and conditions publicly available. These are some of the topics often found in the t&c:

➢ Rules of the casino and certain games
➢ Procedures for opening and closing a player account
➢ Know Your Customer procedures – which help prevent gambling addiction
➢ Contribution rates of the different casino games
➢ Not accepted behaviour
➢ How to make deposits and withdrawals
➢ Rounds play conditions of the bonus promotions
➢ Legal and legal information from the operator

Although extensive and lengthy, and difficult to absorb, the document gives the player a complete picture of how the casino operates, and what is and is not allowed. This list is by no means complete. Some casinos may contain more or less information than listed above.

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Why do online casinos have terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are the contract between the user and the service provider. In this particular case between the gambler and the online casino. This contract protects both the online casino and the players, and ensures that both parties fulfill their obligations.

General terms and conditions should be a two-way street: safeguarding the rights and interests of the online casino, and those of the player. However, you should be aware that online casinos are businesses, with the end goal of making a profit. This means that the terms and conditions are often somewhat more in favor of the casino. The standard house edge is a good example.

Since you are depositing real money and then using it at the casino, it is crucial that you are aware of the details of that contract. You need to consider whether you are comfortable with the way transactions are done. If you are not happy with the online casino’s way of doing business, then you are better off looking for another one. One casino is not like another.

Where can you find the terms and conditions?

You will usually find the terms and conditions on a separate web page. In most cases, there is a link in the footer of the web page that gives you access to the fine print. Other casinos integrate this information into the player dashboard, or navigation menu. Wherever it is placed, a casino will always have one.

If you can’t find the terms and conditions, contact the casino’s customer support. They are required to send it to you by email. If the casino tells you they can’t send it to you then something is wrong with the casino. If it is legally licensed, then it will have terms and conditions. Simple. If not, it’s not a legal casino.

The terms and conditions of bonuses

Online casinos don’t want players to abuse their bonuses. You understand that many players try to do this. So for your own protection there are often quite a few conditions attached to a bonus. Sometimes there are so many that the casino has created special bonus terms and conditions. It is also very convenient for the players. You don’t have to dig through a long document.

Bonus terms and conditions contain a detailed description of what you may and may not do with an active bonus. Here are some standard terms and conditions you might come across in a bonus terms and conditions.

    ➢ Only certain games (usually slots) can be played with bonus money;
    ➢ Round-robin conditions that must be met before you can withdraw winnings;
    ➢ The wagering period begins when you start playing with bonus money, and must be completed within a certain period of time, ranging from one day to several weeks;
    Betting requirements based on the bonus amount, deposit amount, or the sum of both. This is how much you must wager in total to complete the wagering requirements;
    ➢ If you are allowed to play table games or live dealer games with a bonus, they contribute only 0% to 10% to the wagering requirements;
    ➢ There is often a maximum bet, usually something like €5 per spin or 50 cents per payline;
    ➢ There is usually a list of non-rewarding games that cannot be played with bonus money at all.

So should you read the terms and conditions or not?

It’s better to do so though, even if it’s just a few paragraphs where it says everything about the bonuses. Even though it’s a lot of reading, it’s important to read them so you know exactly how everything works. And what your rights and obligations are. For example, if you make a mistake, the casino can take action against you. The fact that you didn’t know because you didn’t read the terms and conditions is not considered a good reason. It can go as far as a casino refusing to pay out your winnings because they accuse you of fraud. Prevention is better than cure.