Scammers walk around in the casino too

Deceiving someone is not always that complicated. If you want to make people believe something that is different from what they think, it is often enough to make them see something from a different angle.

And these victims often fall for it with open eyes. This is also how fraudsters work and their victims often do not even realize what is actually happening.

The criminal is trying to hook the victim

Do you think you can’t be cheated when you go to the casino? Then beware anyway because it can happen to anyone, even when you are wary of it. Cheating starts with a line thrown out by the person who wants to cheat.

He or she thinks carefully about his or her idea, picks a victim and tells him or her something interesting which distracts him or her and makes him or her think about it. If the victim has taken the bait, the trick is to keep him or her on a leash for as long as possible, of course, in order to carry out the deception in the best possible way.

Get in and take a ride

A good example with which you can compare cheating is the so-called Ride Principle. You can compare this with, for example, a ride on a roller coaster or other attraction where you are promised a lot of fun and you are just happy to go on it. It works the same way with deception: people are promised something that sounds attractive, such as a nice sum of money or a present.

In this way they are more likely to fall into the set-up trap. And once you join the ride, try to get out again. During a ride in an attraction it is made sure that you see what they want you to see and that it is difficult to look elsewhere. Before you know it, the ride is over and you can only remember the essentials.

Deception is not always easy to see through

Deceivers work in a similar way. They ensure that their victims focus their attention on what they want and not on anything else. This also makes cheating easier because they maintain control. If you fall for it, then in all likelihood you will not do this again but it is possible.

Most people will figure out the deception afterwards and be embarrassed that they didn’t notice it earlier. So not during a game but always afterwards. Because of the shame they do not report it to the police or other authorities so the cheater just gets away with it.

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When do the alarm bells go off?

Now this can really happen to anyone, so don’t think that you will always escape the dance. A fraudster knows very well what to do and how to handle it so you can just fall for it too. However, you can be on your guard and think of the following things when you are about to go for a ‘ride’ offered to you by someone else.

  • Always look carefully to see if something is not too good to be true. If something is really quite unbelievable, there is definitely a chance that you are dealing with a scam and you should not go along with it.
  • Are you being forced to make certain decisions? Then chances are you’re dealing with deception. After all, you want to make your own decisions.
  • Where does the information you are being offered come from and who is telling you something? If you already doubt the authenticity or the person delivering the message, then there is often something not quite right.
  • Don’t you get a chance to ask for help or advice from someone else? Then there is almost certainly deception at play because another person could save you from it.

Do you notice any of these mentioned points? Then don’t continue and leave the ride. It will be a lot better for you, you can be sure of that.

Deception is something of all times

When it comes to cheating, it is often neatly adapted to a particular victim. The swindler looks carefully at what kind of meat he or she has in the barrel and adjusts his or her tactics accordingly in order to achieve the best possible result for him or her. Deception is of all times. It was done in the past but is still common today, only often in a slightly different form, adapted to the times.

Slow start, but everything goes faster and faster

If you accept a proposal from someone, the ride often starts slowly and there are few signs that it is not right or that it is unreliable. However, the further you get, the more the truth becomes clear and the sooner you see that you are being cheated. Depending on the victim, this can happen quickly or a little more slowly. Are you offered money that you can earn in a quick way? Then make sure you are on your guard and that all alarm bells go off. This way you are less likely to fall for it if you are a bit suspicious.

Gamblers are often sensitive to cheating

As a gambler, you’re usually quite sensitive to cheating. Especially since gambling involves money, you want to have it at your disposal so you don’t have to quit a particular game. Do you lose a lot and do you get an offer that allows you to make money fast? Then you’ll be more sensitive to it at that moment and you’ll go for it sooner. Watching out for your money is one thing when gambling, but also pay attention to what’s going on around you.

How can you avoid cheating?

Do you want to avoid being cheated yourself? Then you can do well by reading about forms of cheating and how they work. This way you will not only learn all about different forms of scams but also how to prevent them. Don’t get on a ride that you don’t like and remember everything you already know about scams. This way you detect this faster and do not fall victim to it yourself.