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Why you love roulette!

The magic wheel keeps spinning and it keeps challenging. Roulette has been one of the most popular casino games in the world for years, maybe even decades.

Roulette has been and continues to be in high demand among a large number of visitors. With its various winning opportunities, different strategies and overall appeal, it will continue to entice many players to take a gamble in the future. This is why you too are crazy about roulette!

1. Easy and challenging

Roulette is both easy and extremely challenging. It’s all about where the ball falls on the wheel. In European roulette this can be 37 numbers, while the American version has 38.

This is because the American roulette uses ‘0’ and ’00’, while the European version has only one ‘0’. Thus, you have a higher chance of winning in the European roulette and the banker’s house advantage is lower. Next, the betting options are diverse and interesting. Some of the options you have;

  • Red/black, odd/even and higher/lower; all with almost a 50% chance of winning.
  • Dozens of 12 numbers or rows; a total of three dozens or rows to choose from
  • Half-dozen, quarter or half-dozen; options to bet on 6, 4 or 2 numbers at a time
  • Whole numbers; real gamblers can bet on whole numbers and win a lot of money

2. A ‘sexy’ casino game

Roulette has a wide variety of opportunities to win and it is a ‘playable’ game for a lot of people. With a spinning wheel, every round is a surprise and unpredictable and therefore interesting.

In addition, the casino game is not only reserved for land-based casinos. Roulette is “sexy” and will not go away in popularity overnight. Are you one of those people who want to master the game? Then learn all the strategies and systems that will help you win big money.

3. Various strategies

Roulette is a casino game par excellence where you can use many different strategies to ultimately win. The game challenges you to take risks, but on the other hand there are strategies where it is almost impossible to lose.

What about the Fibonacci strategy, the Labouchere system, the d’Alembert system, the Angelika strategy or the Martingale system. All these strategies and systems help you to actually make a profit at a game of roulette and that’s obviously what we want you to do.

4. Own influence in the risks and costs

In the game you can decide how much risk you’re willing to take. In addition, you determine the costs. Don’t want to take too much risk and especially limit your losses? Then you can bet a little less.

Especially with the options that give you a 50% chance of winning each round, you can decide whether you want to win money quickly or quietly.

For people with a smaller budget it is very nice, because you can sometimes play an entire evening and eventually make a profit, especially by using one of the above strategies. By the way, what your minimum bet is can vary from situation to situation. Online you can decide on this yourself, while in land-based casinos you are often bound to a minimum bet of 5 or 10 euros.

5. Playing together

It is a social game. Even if you visit the casino alone, at the roulette table you’ll always meet other people and together you can share your winnings or losses.

This makes the game a family game and it keeps many people coming back. For those who thought roulette was only fun in a land based casino; they are wrong. Online casinos also offer various ways to get in touch with other players and the dealer. For example via live chat and during a live online roulette game.

6. The mystery of roulette

No two games are the same. For people who feel supported by probability calculations while gambling; stop that when you start playing roulette.

Have you ever stood in a casino and wondered how it could have been one color, an odd number or a low number 12 times in a row? The direction of the ball is unpredictable and therefore impossible to predict. Therefore, it has a huge appeal and it gives you the drive to keep playing, because you never know what can happen.

Playing roulette online

The roulette software comes from multiple developers and this has led to a diverse offering. Where previously you could only play European Roulette, French and American Roulette are now also very popular.

Although there are only a few differences within these types it can still provide the necessary variety.

There are also differences at the betting level at the gaming tables. For example, sometimes people speak of low or high stakes roulette. Low stakes roulette games usually start at €0.10 and go up to €100 per round. If you choose the high stakes game, also called Highroller Roulette. Then you will often be able to bet up to €500 or €1000 per round. Click here to read our article on the different variations.

Free roulette

On this page you can play roulette for free. This way you can see how the rules are applied and also see what the playing environment of a casino looks like.

Where can you play free roulette?

The advantage of free roulette is that the virtual credit can be used unlimitedly. There is no time limit. Your free practice money is gone and you want to continue playing? Reload and continue playing.

Try out the rules with no risk

When playing roulette for free it’s an added advantage that you can learn and practice the rules of the game. Especially people who have never played roulette before will benefit greatly from this.

Strategies and systems

A game in which the odds are completely random is, of course, perfect for certain playing strategies. In many games of chance, you can influence your odds to some extent, as is the case with roulette. It remains difficult to beat the casino. Still, playing with a certain technique can offer you a more profound gaming experience and ensure that you limit your risks as much as possible.

There are numerous strategies developed for the game. Many roulette enthusiasts like to play with a strategy. However, playing with a strategy can take some preparation time. You will have to learn about a particular system and put it into practice.

Try free roulette strategy

When playing free roulette, it is very useful to try out some of the most popular strategies and systems. It costs you nothing and you’ll get an idea how it works (and whether it can be a winning system for you). Our website has a page completely dedicated to this subject, take advantage of it!

Read our article on roulette strategy

Finally, we’ll say a few words on the two most popular strategies. This way you’ll get an idea of what it’s all about.

  • Martingale strategy
    The most popular strategy that you should definitely try at a free roulette table is the Martingale strategy. If you choose this strategy, you start with a basic bet of, say, €1. You double your bet if you lose and start again from the basic bet if you win. With this system, if you play free roulette, you will see that your virtual profit is always equal to the basic bet you play. The pitfall here is the maximum bets that apply at a table. So you should always keep a close eye on those.
  • Fibonacci strategy
    When you play roulette with the Fibonacci strategy you will see that a series of numbers must be used. For example, you can play with a €5 bet as the basis. The sequence would be 5, 5, 10, 15, 25 (always adding up the previous bets). If you win, you go 2 steps back in the sequence and if you lose, you go 1 step forward again. A very simple strategy.

Roulette facts

roulette kettle

House edge 2%
Since 1676
Creator Blaise Pascal
Biggest Winner Joseph Hunter (4 million)
Best known film Casino (1995)
Nickname Devils Game

Roulette Payouts

As with all casino games, roulette payouts are determined by the amount of risk you take. A lot of risk means that you can win or lose a lot. In the following explanation we use the common English terms for the bets.
Roulette table

Bet How Payout?
One number Straight up 35 times your bet
Two numbers connected Split 17 times your bet
Three numbers vertical Street 11 times your bet
Block of four numbers Corner 8 times your bet
Six numbers Six line 5 times your stake
Color Red or Black 1 time your bet
Even or Odd Even or Odd 1 time your bet
1-18 or 19-36 1to18 or 19to36 1 time your bet
Dozen 1st12, 2nd12 or 3rd13 2 times your bet
Column Column 2 times your bet

Also keep in mind the “La Partage rule”. This is applied in casinos where French roulette is played. In the event that you have made a bet that pays out once (for example a chip on Red) and the ball falls in the zero, this rule comes into effect. You lose half of your bet and the other half remains for the next round. The house advantage of the casino decreases due to this rule and is therefore beneficial to you as a player.

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Live roulette availability

At a live casino you can find different types of live roulette with real dealers. Besides the regular live roulette with its standard rules, there are also roulette variants that have been developed especially for the live casino. We mean by this for example Double Ball Roulette, Immersive Roulette and Lightning Roulette. With a few variations in the rules casinos manage to make the game more exciting. All this while keeping the rules of the game easy to understand.

Tips for playing roulette

In conclusion, here are a few tips that hold strong. Keep these tips in mind to fully enjoy the casino classic called roulette!

  • Choose a particular type of roulette. For example, with the American variant, the advantage for the casino is higher than with French/European roulette.
  • Practice your game strategy. Many casinos offer the opportunity to play free practice rounds. A great opportunity to try out new strategies!
  • Always set aside your winnings. This way you can keep track of how much profit you’ve made and you won’t be so quick to bet more than you can afford.

The chips at the tables generally allow you to place bets as low as €0.10. Are you going to test free roulette and play with virtual bets? Then you’ll see that even bets as low as a few hundred dollars per round are possible.

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Common roulette questions

✨ What types are popular?

You can choose from several types. For example, you have the option of playing European, French and American Roulette when you gamble against the software. There are also some variants that are only offered in the online live casino such as Lightning roulette.

The difference in these types is in the language on the gaming tables and the number of numbers. For instance, French and European Roulette are played with 37 numbers and you’ll get 38 numbers to bet on if you were to play the American version.

We always recommend playing European roulette (2.70% house edge) instead of American roulette (5.26% house edge). The French roulette also offers good odds (1.35% with La Partage), and if you don’t know it yet, you can also try it for free.

How do I use a strategy?

Before you can properly play with a roulette strategy, it is important to know what the possibilities are. For example, with the Martingale strategy, the Fibonacci strategy or the Labouchere strategy you can always increase your chances of winning.

The principle of a system assumes that you change the bets when rounds are won or lost. Do you do this? Then you have a better chance of ending a game session winning in the end.

Are there any bets you should avoid?

If you’re going to bet on roulette, it’s best to play on the big odds. These are outside bets, where you have the best chance of making a profit. Think, for example, of betting on red, black, even, odd or a series of 12 numbers at once.

Are you playing single numbers? Then with 1 chip you only have a few percent chance of making a profit. However, the lower your chances of winning, the higher the payout if you do manage to finish a round with a profit.

Are there any disadvantages to the Martingale strategy?

When you start playing with a strategy you can, of course, always experience disadvantages. Thus, when playing the Martingale strategy or other systems, you will never have a 100% guarantee that you will eventually make a profit. This is due to the fact that you do not have unlimited access to your own money and that table limits apply.

With the Martingale strategy, you double your bets on colors in the event of a loss. Do you lose a lot in a row? Then the maximum bet limit can prevent you from continuing. As a result, your guarantee is gone.

How does it work, playing with your own money?

To be able to play with your own money you will always need to have an account at the casino. Without an account it is not possible to manage a balance.

There’s almost nothing better than the feeling when the ball in roulette falls on the right number you’ve bet on. Even better is when you’re playing for real money at the time. Free roulette offers no real payouts, but is very suitable for players who are not yet familiar with the rules of roulette.

If you want to add money to your own account you can do so with all kinds of payment methods. These include iDeal, Neteller, Skrill, Mastercard, VISA and PaySafeCard. Do you have this available? Then you can gamble against the software from €0.10 per round or from €1 per round on live roulette.

Playing Roulette in the Casino
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Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal


People loved to play games of chance as far back as thousands of years ago. As far back as ancient China and Rome, people played all sorts of games in which the odds of winning were largely random. These games were so popular because all players had an equal chance of winning and you didn’t need to have much game knowledge to play a game. For example, the Romans already organized lotteries and played a game that was quite similar to the game we have today. The Romans were also the inventors of coinage and they were only too happy to let it roll! The origin of today’s roulette is a lot better described. It originated in France as the name might suggest. In fact, it means “little wheel” in French.

The French scientist Blaise Pascal is considered the founder of roulette. However, he did not intend to invent a game. He developed a kind of spinning disc with different numbers on it as part of his research into, among other things, probability. The wheel that he developed turned out to largely confirm his theories; the outcome of the numbers on the spinning wheel was extremely random. And that made his “invention” very suitable to be used for a game of chance!

In the year 1676, it was developed in Paris. The game was almost the same as today’s wheel. The game consisted of a spinning disc with the numbers 1 to 36 and the number zero on it and also contained the colors red and black. The game proved to be a huge hit and quickly became popular. Sailors and immigrants took the game all over the world. When the game was introduced in America, a double zero was added to the numbers. Thus were born the two variants known worldwide: the European (French) and the American roulette.