Roulette Tips

Tips can determine the difference between winning and losing

You have to bet with intelligence. It’s not just the number or box you choose to bet on that is very important.

Roulette TipsFollow these roulette tips for better winning chances

On the other hand, it’s also about how much money you can play roulette with. If your budget is low, don’t bet everything in one spin, but place your bets in small increments. By spreading your bets out, you’ll have more chances to win.

Even if you have a bigger budget, make sure you know what you are doing. For example, it is important to see what your options are and bet relatively a portion that you know you can spin multiple times to make a profit.

Not all bonuses are good

When you first start playing at an online casino you are often eligible for a bonus. Not all bonuses entitle you to play roulette with the bonus money. Pay close attention to that. Before you know it, you will receive bonus money and you will be more or less obliged to wager this on slot machines. And you may not want to do that at all.

At these casinos you can play many variations of roulette

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Follow these important tips when playing roulette.

Use a roulette strategy

When playing roulette online, one of the many roulette tips is that you should use a strategy. A roulette strategy does not guarantee a win, but it can increase your chances of winning.

This is because a strategy ensures that if you lose in the next round, you can always win your bet back as a minimum. If you win several times in a row, you obviously have a win on your hands. Among the roulette strategies you can find online there are several possibilities. The important thing is to know how a strategy works before using it.

Play free roulette for once

Another good roulette tip is to know what your options are. It’s very easy to play free roulette just once and see if you know what’s going on. All the rules are basically easy to understand.

Even a strategy can be tried for free during a roulette game. The casino gives you credits, which you can use to play without losing money. Of course, in free roulette it’s not possible to win either.

Sign up and get a bonus

Among our roulette tips this one is very useful, because you can get free money. In roulette you have the opportunity to take advantage of a bonus after signing up. This bonus is on a 100 percent basis and is called a welcome bonus.

The casino doubles your first deposit up to a maximum amount. This gives you the opportunity to wager with free money at a roulette table. There are also sign-up bonuses and other deposit bonuses available. Any kind of bonus you can use online at an online casino will be announced through the site or by email.

Stay tuned

To return to placing a bet, it is important that you know what you are doing. You are the only one who knows how much money you have and how much money you can bet online. So don’t wander on if you’ve lost a few times, because it’s quite possible to lose even more.

In some cases, you may not get lucky one time. Take your losses and just try again later, but never rush all your money through to minimize losses.

Side bets give the best chances of winning

Within our roulette tips, we want you to know that your chances of winning are mostly in your hands. After all, online roulette allows for a wide variety of bets to be placed.

If you’re going to bet on a table, you’ll have the best chances of winning if you choose to make side bets. Side bets, for example, allow you to bet on 18 numbers at once with red, black, even, odd, high or low. The payout in a side bet is a doubling of the bet, whereby the amount of your bet is therefore equal to the profit.

On the other hand, you can also play side bets on a row or column of 12 numbers. With these, if you win, you’ll receive 3 times your bet, with the winnings being equal to twice the amount you wagered.

Play live roulette safely and securely

If you’re going to gamble at a casino we can’t deny you the opportunity to gamble live. The live casino allows you to play roulette as if you were at a real casino.

Without having to go to Holland Casino or any other establishment, you can play against real dealers. All this happens via a camera connection, which allows you to continuously watch the game tables being offered.

Thanks to the ability to watch, you can be sure that fairness is offered for every wager. Moreover, know that the live casino also offers a lot of variety. So you can not only play the regular live roulette, but also choose for example Double Ball Roulette or Immersive Roulette with dealers.

Play only at casinos with RNG certification

Reliability is always paramount when you gamble at a casino. It’s not just online casino licenses that guarantee security.

If you’re going to play online roulette at a casino? Then we must also tell you with these roulette tips that you should always pay attention to whether they use a Random Number Generator. An RNG certificate can be found on the website. If you choose reliable software from Netent or Microgaming the use of an RNG is always guaranteed.

What exactly does the Random Number Generator do when you play one of the types of roulette online? This ensures that the results are randomly generated and that no one can determine the possible winnings based on your bet. Honest gambling is the top priority at online casinos.

Roulette strategies you don’t have to buy

As we’ve already explained, you can always use strategies when playing roulette online. Important to know is that you will never be obliged to buy an online roulette strategy.

On our website, we provide explanations of several systems free of charge, and you can also find plenty of strategy information on other Internet sites before you start playing roulette. Is money being asked for a particular strategy? Then know that this is fraudulent, because you’ll be offered the same systems that are explained for free online.

Obviously, you do have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning thanks to the strategies. Using them is therefore highly recommended.

Always avoid American Roulette

When you gamble at a casino you can try to make a profit thanks to different roulette variations. The games on offer will usually include American Roulette. Although it can be an exciting table, and one that you can certainly win at, it’s not recommended to choose it.

American Roulette does not have 37 numbers, but 38. This means you have a smaller chance of winning. Despite the fact that this is only a few percentage points different, in the long run it can certainly make a difference. It’s always best to play European or French Roulette. Of these, the live casino also has several variants available, of which the Lightning Roulette is also a very good example.

Mobile roulette just as easy to play

While we’re on the subject of roulette tips, we’d like to offer one more. Many people think that only slots and video games can be played on the go, but that’s not the case.

Do you want to play mobile roulette? Then know that this is very easily possible. To play mobile roulette all you have to do is choose a casino. You open the website of an online casino in the browser of your smartphone or tablet by entering the URL. So it’s not necessary to install any app or software first.

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Once you’ve opened a casino’s website you can navigate straight to the games on offer. Once there you can access all kinds of roulette and play a bet of your choice. Playing for money can be done with the same account as online. Want to practice for free on your mobile? Then of course you don’t need to have your own account.

Play at a safe roulette casino too

Now that we’ve given you our tips on how to play online roulette, here’s what to look out for. If you want to play online roulette, it’s important to make sure you choose a safe casino. On our site you can always find a safe roulette casino to play at. We tested all these casinos ourselves and looked at their safety based on licenses, among other things. Of course you can also find out more about the games offered at the casinos and what bonuses you can play with. Also, the roulette bonuses that are given out online are definitely worth the gamble. You’ll certainly find plenty of opportunities to win with your own money and casino bonuses!