Roulette at Holland Casino

This is about to change, when Holland Casino is going to be privatized and sold. Currently, the casino is still owned by the state.

How to play roulette at Holland Casino

By the way, this does not mean that Holland Casino will disappear. It only means that it will change hands. Other casinos will also have the opportunity to enter the Dutch market. Are you planning to play roulette in an offline casino? Then you can surely find one of the 14 Holland Casino establishments in your area.

Roulette at Holland CasinoRoulette at Holland Casino (Source: Holland Casino)

If you are playing for the first time

If you are going to Holland Casino for the first time, it is useful to know in advance what the procedure is. Upon arrival you will be asked for your ID and you will have to pay the entrance fee. You will not be allowed in if you are under 18 years old. Without your ID, you won’t get in, even if you are obviously old enough.

You can now walk around, have a drink and then find the roulette table. These tables are huge and can seat 10 players at a time and sometimes you will have to wait for your turn. You give the croupier your money and he will change it into chips.

You get chips in your own color and you can start betting.

The betting possibilities

You can now place your chips on a specific spot on the table. If you cannot reach them, the croupier will place them in front of you. Each bet corresponds to a certain payout. You can tell what you have betted by the position of your chips on the table. When the croupier calls out “no more bets please”, the time for betting is over and you cannot change your bet.

For reference you can use the following chart. See below for the “Inside Bets” that are in the grid on the gaming table or place your bets on the “Outside Bets”. These are located around the table’s grid.

1 number

Payout 35:1, you place your chip in the middle of the box for the number of your choice.

2 numbers

Payout 17:1, you place your chip on the dividing line between two numbers.

3 numbers

Payout 11:1, you place your chip on the edge between the inside and outside bets, choosing a line of three contiguous numbers. If this is unclear, you can ask the croupier to do it for you.

4 numbers

Payout 8:1, you place your chip on the intersection of 4 consecutive numbers.

6 numbers

Payout 5:1, again you place your chip on the edge between the inside and outside bets so that you choose two lines. Again, the croupier can help you with this.

12 numbers

Payout 2:1, you can choose between a column or the first, second and third dozen.

High / Low

Payout 1:1, the low numbers are 1 – 18 and the high numbers are 19 – 36.

Even / Odd

Payout 1:1, you guess whether it will be an even or an odd number.

Red / Black

Payout 1:1, you guess whether it will be a red or a black number.

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You’re done playing

When you’re done playing, you have your chips exchanged with the croupier and leave the table. In return you get other chips with a value that you can use in any of the other games. Of course you can also choose to cash them out at the cashier’s window.

Unwritten roulette rules

It’s good if you know in advance exactly how the game works and what the rules are.

But there are also a few unwritten rules that it is best to adhere to when playing roulette, as this is part of the etiquette of the game. For example, you should know the minimum and maximum bets on a table and stick to them. It is also important that you treat the other players with respect and consider them.

If you have questions, always ask the croupier and not the other players, so that you don’t put them off their concentration. And if you make a profit, tip the croupier, this is not mandatory but it is common.

Practice roulette first

If you want to practice roulette first, you can always do this for free at an online casino in a demo version. Before you start betting your well-earned money at the Holland Casino, you can get to know the game. Playing at an offline casino is much more fun, because you can taste the atmosphere and there is interaction. However, the rules of the game do not differ and by playing online for free first, you are well prepared when you enter the Holland Casino. Roulette is one of the most popular table games of all time and can be enjoyed to the fullest in an offline casino.