Rival Gaming

New but not inexperienced

Before Rival Gaming started developing games, they did extensive research on the subject. They spent several years looking at trends and developments in the industry and then capitalized on them. Rival Gaming consists of a team of well-known developers who know what makes or breaks a good game. Many players are faced with the choice of where to play, do you go for an established developer or do you choose one of the newer ones? Within the industry, experience is important and therefore many players choose the established names. In the case of Rival Gaming, going for the new developer is certainly not a bad idea, with no less than 205 games since 2006, it is clear that there is no inexperienced team behind Rival Gaming. Not only are Rival’s games of the highest quality, but the software they release is also done to perfection.

The Rival gaming software

The online platform of Rival Gaming is used by many casinos worldwide, currently the platform can be found in over 52 online casinos. This shows that the platform is liked and it clearly works well. When using the online platform, the first thing you notice is the design, the layout is clear, well-organized and looks good. Also the navigation between the different games is clear and easy to use for both new and experienced players. This is also a strong point for players who come from land-based casinos and have less experience with online casinos, a clear interface is a must for these players.

The success of the ‘Casino Controller

Rival Gaming’s online platform is known as ‘Casino Controller’ and has been a roaring success since its release, especially the aforementioned interface and the diversity of the different games is what makes the platform so popular. The company recognized the gap in the market and has focused on ease of use and innovative games. One of the points that especially contributes to this is the integrated chat function, the fact that the games can be downloaded easily and quickly and also load quickly when played in a browser.

Rival gamingRival Gaming

Impressive design

One of the most important aspects of online casino games and perhaps all digital games is the complete picture. This consists mainly of sound, the graphics and the gameplay. This is another area they have emphasized at Rival Gaming by delivering excellent games. When you play the company’s games you will notice that the games feel excellent. The games have good animations that play at the right moments and are well integrated into the gameplay. The audio effects that go along with this ensure that the player feels right at home and enjoys playing the games.

Also mobile games

In recent years, Rival Gaming has focused on developing games with various now outdated methods of development. Since the huge trend of mobile games, Rival Gaming has also started to develop games in HTML5. This means that soon you will be able to play many of the company’s games on mobile as well, in this way Rival Gaming hopes to serve all its different types of players optimally.

Good prospects

All the different aspects that Rival Gaming focuses on they execute excellently. All the games they release are of high quality and will not disappoint even the most experienced players. They consistently produce great products and this isn’t just limited to the games they release, the online casino platform they have developed is of exceptional quality and is therefore extremely popular. Looking at all the different parts of Rival Gaming, it’s no surprise that they are so successful and likely to continue to progress. If you are making a choice to play on an online platform, Rival Gaming is highly recommended. With the past and the team behind Rival Gaming, players are assured of many great games in the years to come.