Responsible gaming is the focus at online casinos

In recent years, the online gambling industry has been growing and changing significantly. As a result, there is a great focus on the security functions and problem areas related to the industry.

Responsible gambling is one of the main focuses. More casinos that are taking active steps to better help and protect players. This is all to ensure that they remain in a good light.

A step towards a safer environment

The United Kingdom in particular is leading the way with its policies. For example, there they wiollen that all players are forced to set a loss limit in advance before they are able to play casino games.

The growing concerns

There will be plenty of players getting frustrated when they want to go to their favorite casino games. First, they will have to go through procedures. Still, according to many insiders, it is a good measure. They feel that all online casinos should implement these measures. According to recent statistics, there is a reason for these concerns. The number of problem gamblers has been growing dramatically in recent years. In fact, it is such a growing concern that possible measures are needed to remedy this problem. People want to prevent gambling addiction from becoming too big a problem.

At the moment the government points to Holland Casino as the body that has it right. If you, as a player, come too often you get a chat to see if everything is going well for you. The new law on gambling will also bring changes for gambling halls and Holland Casino.

These casinos are safe and secure to play at.

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Curious how it will go from 2021 in The Netherlands

With the new Distance Gaming Act (KOA) coming into effect, the big question is what requirements the Dutch government will impose on online casinos. It is expected that the government will pay much attention to the protection of the players. The last thing the government wants is that a flood of gambling addicts will be created by the new casinos. Therefore it is expected that here too there will be restrictions on the amounts that can be deposited per week. They expect the casinos to have a good plan to protect the players.

The government’s dream scenario is that the online gambling market will be transparent in the future. Now everything is still playing out at foreign sites. The government has no grip on this. For example, they miss out on millions in taxes. Also, they can’t do anything to protect the players from possible addiction. This is certainly going to change with the new law.