Red Hot Slingo

It is the first Slingo variant that features a slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows where you can win 500 times the bet with fruit symbols.

With many extras like Wilds and Super Wilds you get 5 spins per round to climb the prize ladder. When you reach the top you win the 500 times Full House grand prize.

Red Hot Slingo Review

There are big wins to be had with this new online slot game Red Hot Slingo. In this game, online players try to complete the 12 lines on the card and reach the top of the ladder that rewards your bet with 500 times the stake. Wins can be supplemented through the slot machine, where you can win not only with numbers, but also fruit symbols up to 100 times the bet. Also pay attention to the modifiers, as they can give you extra help in completing the card. Red Hot Slingo has a grid of 5 times 5 with 25 random numbers. Once you have wagered an amount, the goal is to cross off as many numbers as possible. In addition, the goal is to complete full lines (Slingos) in order to climb the prize ladder.


The design of Red Hot Slingo is quite generic and not very special compared to other Slingo games. The game has a red fiery background when the game is loading. You can notice the development in the makers of Slingo games. The more online games they release the more polished they seem to be. That certainly applies to Red Hot Slingo which in addition looks very classic. An uptempo soundtrack has been added to this online slot to add a little extra spice. But other than that, this game has no special theme as is the case with, for example, Slingo Bells or Sweet Bonanza.


The goal of Red Hot Slingo is to reach the top of the ladder within five spins. If you reach the top it will earn you 500 times your stake. Winnings are supplemented by winning numbers you spin and fruit symbols. These fruit symbols can earn you 100 times your bet. Pay particular attention to the modifier symbols, because they help you to fill up your card. By the way, after the five spins, you can buy extra spins to continue the game and have a better chance to climb up the prize ladder and fill up your card. The maximum bet of the game is 100 euros and minimum 0.20 cents.

Possible extras.

Red Hot Slingo takes place on a grid of 5 times 5 that is filled with 25 random numbers. You need to cross off as many numbers as possible in order to climb the prize ladder. Red Hot Slingo has a set of 5 times 3 reels where you can spin both numbers and fruit symbols. In addition to the numbers and fruit symbols you also have modifiers that help you to clear numbers from the grid. There is the Wild symbol where you can strip a number from the top column. If you spin a Super Wild symbol then you can strip one number from your entire card. Free Spin symbol that makes you win one extra spin. Finally you have the Blocker symbol which blocks one position and gives nothing extra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Return to Play percentage of Red Hot Slingo?

RTP is at 96.33% and is above average. If you buy spins then the Return to Player percentage is at 95%.

Is there a best strategy if you decide to play Red Hot Slingo?

Make sure you always unlock Slingos when you spin Wild and Super Wild symbols. If this is not possible, cross out numbers that may lead to Slingos later.

Is it easy to win with Red Hot Slingo?

No, it isn’t. This game has a high volatility which makes it extra difficult to climb up the prize ladder within the regular five spins. If you want to win a lot you would have to buy additional spins.

Is there a bonus round at Red Hot Slingo?

No, unfortunately there is no bonus round. However, you can spin free spins symbols to win extra spins.

What makes Red Hot Slingo unique?

Most Slingo games come with 5 times 1 reels. Red Hot Slingo comes with 5 times 3 reels. The goal is to streak Slingo lines to climb the prize ladder.


Red Hot Slingo is a unique Slingo slot game with 5 times 3 reels. The goal is to climb as high as possible on the prize ladder where you can earn back a maximum of 100 times your stake. You climb up the ladder by clearing Slingo lines. It’s not easy to achieve in this game because it has a high volatility. With the five spins you get, it’s a challenge to reach the top, although not impossible. You can bet from 0.20 cents up to 100 euro bets. There are Wild and Super Wild symbols in addition to numbers that you spin that help you to streak down the card. In addition, you have symbols where you can win extra spins.