Red Dog game rules

Red Dog game rules are very simple. You, as a player, have three chances to win, namely with an even combination (a 2 and a 2), two consecutive cards (a queen and a king) and with a so-called spread (for example 3 and 8).

In all cases, a third card you receive from the bank will rule out whether you win the round. The overall payout percentage of Red Dog is 96.8%, slightly lower than for example roulette (97.3%). What are all the game rules that apply to Red Dog?

The cards and other Red Dog game rules

Typically, one plays Red Dog with eight decks of cards. Here, the symbols of the cards don’t matter; you just have to pay attention to the value of the cards. So it doesn’t matter if you have two hearts when looking at the combination, while a combination, two consecutive cards or a spread of the value can tell you something. The odds of winning for you depend partly on the number of decks, as the house edge decreases as the number of decks of cards increases.
What are the rules of Red Dog?What are the rules of play for Red Dog?

The difference per deck is less than one tenth per additional deck. For example, the banker’s house advantage for one deck is 3.2%, while the house advantage for 8 decks is reduced to 2.75%. Incidentally, the normal values of the cards apply. Ace is the highest card, while the 2 is taken as the lowest card. An Ace and 2 are not considered two consecutive cards.

Shuffling, cutting and dealing

If you play Red Dog in ‘real life’, there is a specific way of shuffling. The bank may shuffle the cards beforehand, after which at some point one of the players may ‘cut’ the deck. This greatly reduces the chance of getting caught, and everyone can see that the cards have been dealt correctly. The player sitting to the right of the dealer may “cut” the deck, or separate a stack from the original deck and place it at the bottom.

The dealer then begins to deal out the cards, with the first card going to the player to the left of the dealer. Each player receives a total of two cards, which together determine the chance of winning.

The cards are placed face up on the table, just like in a casino game like blackjack. The third card will determine whether the bank wins or you take the win. Before dealing begins, each player must place a bet of their choice, with the minimum and maximum being up to you.

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Three chances to win

The moment each player can see his or her two cards, the odds of winning are determined. The Red Dog game rules that really matter are the ways you can win.

  • Two consecutive cards (3 and 4)
  • Two identical cards (5 and 5)
  • The spread (2 and 7)

If you get two consecutive cards in front of you, the game ends immediately and there is a tie, which means you get your bet back. If you have two cards of the same kind in front of you, so for example two times a 5, then the third card can turn out to be an excellent one for you. You then have a push, which means that if there is another third card, you are in any case in a tie and get your bet back. However, if the third card is also a draw, in this case a 5, you win 11 times your bet back. This is the best hand you can get at Red Dog. The rules of play are the same in Holland casino as they are in any online casino.

The last option is the spread. Here you can both lose and win and this is the most common combination. For example, you get a Jack and a 4 in your hands. This means that the spread is 6 and you must decide whether the third card will come between the aforementioned cards in terms of value.


You can now also decide to double your bet. If you get it right, you win a lot of money. If you lose, you obviously lose all your bets. If you bet on a spread of 1, 2 or 3, you can win extra money if the third card falls in between. If you bet on spread 1, you win 5 times your bet; if you bet on spread 2, you win 4 times your bet; if you bet on spread 3, you win 2 times your bet.