Red Dog: an exclusive card game for the real aficionado

The (online) casino naturally has countless different games that can be played by the real gambler. Poker, roulette, blackjack and dozens of different slot games are attractive opportunities to earn quick money. Another table game that is still relatively unknown to many is Red Dog.

It is a card game in which rules and strategy determine who will ultimately be the winner. Red Dog is a poker game that is already offered in many casinos, but differs from the more common Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker. How does Red Dog Poker, also known as yablon, work and why can you master it quickly? Find out here.

Red Dog is a unique game

Although Red Dog is the closest game to poker, the two games differ in many ways. This is also why the game is still called Red Dog or yablon for short, while Red Dog Poker is used less. What is not different is the value of the cards. Still the Ace is the highest card, while the 2 is the lowest card. However, in Red Dog it doesn’t matter if you have combinations with a heart or a spade, you don’t do anything else with it. Red Dog has been a popular game, especially in the past, so we’re going to explain how it works. Unfortunately, Red Dog is not (yet) offered at Holland Casino.

The rules of Red Dog

Unlike poker, in Red Dog you don’t play against other gamblers, but only against the bank. You play the game “just” with one deck, but it’s wise to have several decks ready to consolidate the speed of Red Dog. The Red Dog game rules are easy to understand though. As with Texas Hold’em, in Red Dog you are dealt two cards from the bank. These two cards are turned face up and then you have three more options:

  • The cards are consecutive; Two consecutive cards are King Ace, for example, or 3 & 4. A combination of two cards in succession means the end of the round and a loss. In Red Dog, you play with a spread, or as many will recognize it; the goalposts.
  • The cards are equal; Do you have a pair, as in Texas Hold’em? Unfortunately, that’s not a good hand in Red Dog. If you hit a pair of jacks or pair of sevens, for example, you have a combination and in Red Dog that means the end of the round and a loss.
  • The cards are neither consecutive nor even; If you don’t have any of the above combinations, you are likely to lose in most poker games. In Red Dog this is a completely different story, because there you still have a great opportunity to win.

Red Dog card game

Why do you have a chance without a combination?

The difference between the two cards is the most important factor in your Red Dog hand. This difference is called the spread, similar to the goalposts card game. If the dealer deals you a 4 and a queen, then as many as seven cards can fall between the two. Therefore, in Red Dog, the dealer will place a third card on the table, but not before placing a “Red Dog chip” on the lowest number, in this case, a 4. You can then decide whether you want to double the bet you started with for the round or keep the bet the same.

When do you want to double?

The bigger the spread, the higher your chances of winning the round. If the third card falls between the values of your previous two cards, you win the round and walk away with the money. If you hit the two poles or the third card falls outside of everything, then unfortunately you lose the round. Not only is the chance of winning pretty good at Red Dog, but the winnings are also pretty good.

So what do you win?

In Red Dog, that always depends on the spread. If the spread is only 1, then when the third card falls between the two, you get back up to 6 times your bet. For example, the spread is 2 and 4, while the third card is a 3. You are then lucky and go out of the round with the highest possible profit. Of course, there is a big risk involved. If the spread is minimal, you get twice your bet back. It generally looks like this:
– Spread of 4 or greater: double (or 2x) your bet back
– Spread of 3: 3x your bet back
– Spread of 2: 2x your bet back
– Spread of 1: 1x your bet back

How it works in practice

At Red Dog, for example, you bet 20 euros on a round. Each player at the table gets two cards and you put the cards side by side on the table. Are the cards the same or do they follow each other and so there is no spread? Then you lose the 20 euro bet.

If you do get a favorable combination then you start playing. You get the chance to double up, but you choose to call. With a spread between 4 and Queen, you then pick up a 7 on the third card. You win the round and get 20 euros profit back.

Strategy and odds of winning Red Dog

Red Dog is a fairly easy game, where the odds of winning are quite attractively high. You obviously depend on the first two cards you get and then it’s up to you to judge whether a spread of 3 and 7 is enough to play on. The payout percentage at Red Dog is close to 97%, which is very nice for you as a gambler. So check out whether you can play a game of Red Dog online or in an offline casino.