Random Runner

The Random Runner slot machine is a slot machine known from the cafeatria and takeaway Chinese in the 1980s.

The payout percentage of this slot machine is therefore not for nothing at almost 98 percent.

Random Runner Review

One of the game features you’ll encounter on the Random Runner slot is the 0/4 feature. This is a gamble feature where you can win when you spin only 1 symbol on the left reel. For example, if you spin 1 cherry on the down game, the 0 and 4 buttons will light up. When the function stops and the button 0 is lit, you win nothing. If you have the 4 button lit up on the slot machine, then you will get the credits paid out.

The top game

When you start playing the Random Runner slot, the lower game is of course the main game you will be playing. On the 3 reels that you find in the lower game the intention is that you manage to spin as many right combinations as possible. In the main game, the idea is to spin the right symbols on the center of the reels. Wins always start on the left reel.

Which combinations are the right ones and how many credits they yield are shown in a paytable right next to the reels. The credits you win by spinning the right combination can be bet on in 2 ways. You can choose to continue playing in the lower game and thus bet the credits back per piece.

Another option you have is to transfer the credits to the win bank. With credits in the winbank you can play the topgame, where the stakes go up and the payouts when you win are also much higher.
Big prizes at Random RunnerBig prizes at Random Runner

Use the winbank

As mentioned before you can make the topgame available by transferring the credits you’ve won from the main game to the winbank. On this topgame you also play on 3 reels where you have a chance to win higher prizes with a higher bet. If you bet on the topgame you do that with 5 credits. Four credits will be taken from your win bank and one from your basic balance. At the topgame you play with a higher stake also with multiple winlines.

The moment you win all the credits you have won end up in the win bank. There is no maximum set here so your win bank can increase indefinitely and will not pay out all the money you have won at 200 credits.

Fair winnings guaranteed

When you start playing on a slot machine, winning combinations can occur. Playing on Random Runner is obviously exciting. Especially for the fact that you don’t know if there will be another winning combination. To provide and guarantee fairness you can play on Random Runner with a Random Number Generator. This is a piece of software that is required within the developers casino software before a slot machine can be offered.

Players who gamble on the Random Runner slot get fair odds. A Random Number Generator ensures that the results are randomly formed. Nobody can influence your odds and thus determine in advance what will happen. If you combine this with playing at a casino with a Dutch license you know for sure your gambling is safe.
The Random Runner as it used to be in the pubThe Random Runner as it used to be in the pub

The betting options of the Random Runner of Stakelogic

The minimum bet is €0.20 per spin and with this you activate three reels in total. The maximum bet is €100.00 per spin and with this you activate 2 x 3 reels. For this you need to set 1+2 at ‘Game’ and set 250 at ‘Coins’. Then press the ‘Spin’ button in the bottom left corner and you’ll play with the maximum bet for maximum payouts!

Payouts Multiplayer Random Runner

Assuming you play with a maximum bet of €100.00 at a time, you have the chance to win the payouts below for every three matching symbols on active paylines:

  • Stars
  • The stars provide the highest win and give a maximum payout of 10,000 credits. This amounts to €2000.00 in total.

  • Sevens: 4.000
  • Grapes: 4.000
  • Watermelons: 4.000
  • Strawberries: 4.000
  • Bells / Clocks: 2.000
  • Blueberries: 2.000
  • Lemons: 2.000
  • Oranges: 2.000

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Tips for Random Runner

With our tips for Random Runner slot machine, we want to get you started. In fact, more is possible than you might think at first glance.

Have you never played the Random Runner slot machine before? Then be sure to read our tips below, because playing is very easy for you too.

Play when you want

When you play the Random Runner slot at a casino you can start as low as €0.10 per spin. This depends on whether you choose the classic Random Runner or the modern version of Stakelogic. A good thing to know is that each spin you play you can decide how much money you want to use. Do you have a small budget to gamble with. Then the Random Runner slot machine will certainly do just fine with low stakes. Players with more money at their disposal can logically play for prizes on this slot with high stakes as well. Gambling can be done manually each spin, but also automatically if you would use the autoplay feature.

Practicing Random Runner

Are you not yet familiar with the slot machine and would prefer to see what you can expect first? Then know that playing Random Runner for free is also a possibility. You open this slot right away. A demo credit becomes available, with which you can play as if you were playing for money. This way you can get to know the game rules very easily.

Random Runner Multiplayer

The Random Runner Multiplayer slot machine is a product of the software company Stakelogic. This software developer has already given many classic slot machines a new look. Nowadays it is also possible to play on two slot machines simultaneously. On the Random Runner slot machine it is not possible to spin 2 x 3 reels at once. Read on below for how to play the Multiplayer Random Runner!

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