Random Number Generator

If you were to play at an online casino you will automatically have to deal with the Random Number Generator. Not specifically, but completely automatically.

The Random Number Generator is a mandatory piece of code which must be used within the casino software. This is imposed by governments, to which developers and casinos must adhere.

Random Number Generator certificate

All casinos with bonuses that we mention on our site have a Random Number Generator certificate. This means that there are fair chances of winning and that you can play reliably at a gambling site. What exactly does the RNG do to ensure your chances of winning are fair? We’re going to explain that on this page along with the payout percentages.

Random Number Generator

Explanation Random Number Generator

As we mentioned above, the Random Number Generator is a piece of code in the software at a casino. With this piece of code everything is left to chance. This means that the Random Number Generator keeps a casino from influencing your chances of winning.

It is important to note that its application can be found in various ways. Are you playing on Random Number Generator video slots or slot machines? Then the RNG ensures that reels come to a stop at random moments. With this you always have the chance to win one or more lines. Obviously, a Random Number Generator is also used at gaming tables. In roulette the ball is thrown randomly into a number. Do you play games like blackjack, punto banco or poker? Then you can be sure that the cards are dealt totally randomly and fairly.

Higher payout rates online casino

People who gamble at an online casino with Random Number Generator always have fair chances of winning, as you have read. Yet this is not the only thing that matters. The RNG can be set to a certain payout percentage. For online casinos this must be at least 90% and will be up to 98%. Since the casinos on the internet have to deal with much less fixed costs you can generally count on the higher payout percentages.

Random Number Generator explanation
For example, it has been proven that on average at most casinos you can win back around 96% of the money you wagered. Please note that this is on a theoretical basis. For example, one player might lose $100 and another might win $1,000. It is partly a matter of luck.

Increasing your winning chances with Random Number Generator

If you want to increase your chances of winning on casino software with Random Number Generator you will be able to use a casino strategy. Note that in the live casino software there is no use of an RNG, because there you play live with cameras.

To increase your chances of winning against a Random Number Generator, you can use the Martingale strategy, for example. This works very well in roulette by, for example, playing on black. If you are going to play with a fixed amount you increase your bet in case of a loss. This is done by doubling the amount you play. As soon as you do make a profit you resume playing with your previous fixed bet. How does this give you better chances of winning? If you lose several times in a row you could still end up with a profit by only taking out a win in one round!

Casinos with Random Number Generator

On our website you can find numerous reviews of casinos with a Dutch license that all work with a Random Number Generator. This means that every casino we tested is safe and gives you a fair chance of winning money. Moreover, all these casinos offer bonuses and have received licenses from gambling authorities. This means that they offer legal games of chance, where you can certainly make a profit with your own money. What can you expect from a specific casino with Random Number Generator and on which games you can gamble? Read our reviews and find out all the aspects that are available at a gambling site in advance!