Random Logic

A strong motto: less is more

The most important new development is surely the introduction of the smartphone and mobile Internet. Suddenly it became possible to have access to the Internet 24 hours a day. This has caused the market for online casinos to explode. Yet despite these developments, Random Logic’s original motto has remained unchanged. They believe in the art of simplicity and strive to keep their games simple. From Random Logic you should not expect kitsch because less is more. What you do get are stylish games that excel in quality.

A complete range of games

Random Logic strives for simplicity and quality, but also for diversity. In the games on offer all genres are represented. Table games, slots, roulette, video poker and much more. The offer is thus very complete. And as we indicated, simplicity is what beats the clock. So don’t expect spectacular effects and fancy graphics. Instead, you get a solid, reliable and very user-friendly game that anyone can handle. And in our opinion this unique mix is very refreshing and attractive to many online casino visitors.

Random LogicRandom Logic

Downside: Not yet optimized for the smartphone

Actually we are very positive about the online casino software of Random Logic. They have a clear vision and know how to translate this into their products. Many game developers could take an example from this. But if we do have to mention a minus it is that the games are not yet completely smartphone friendly. At this point downloads are still necessary. But this is being worked on very hard and more and more Random Logic games can be played in the browser. So we don’t want to blame them too much for this inconvenience because we expect it won’t be an issue anymore in a very short time.

Random Logic: yes or no?

We say wholeheartedly ‘yes’. The quality of the games is sublime and the only downside, the smartphone friendliness, will soon no longer be an issue. Then, in our opinion, there will no longer be any reason not to choose the games of this developer. Of course, we understand that not everyone will feel appealed by the sobriety of the games. In particular, fans of busy and spectacular games may be a bit disappointed. But we are sure that a very large audience of casino enthusiasts will also love Random Logic. The games are of excellent quality and very user-friendly. And that’s what makes Random Logic’s games definitely one of a kind.