Premier Bonus Blackjack

Premier Bonus Blackjack is a variant of traditional Blackjack. The rules are generally the same, but there are some differences.

In addition, Premier Bonus Blackjack allows you to play an extra sidebet, giving you the chance to win even more. This game is played with two decks of cards, which are reshuffled after each round. You can play with up to five hands at the same time, on which you can place five different bets. It is a variant that is mainly found in online blackjack so you will have to look for it in an online casino.

Premier Bonus Blackjack Rules

In this game, the dealer only obliges with a hard value of seventeen or higher. If he has a soft seventeen in his hand, he is obliged to ask for another card. At the beginning of the round, the dealer spies an open ace or card worth ten points to check for blackjack. Before doing so, he offers all players the standard insurance for dealer blackjack, which means that if you get a dealer blackjack, you get your stake back instead of losing it. With eleven cards dealt, you are required to pass.
Premier Bonus Blackjack tablePremier Bonus Blackjack Table
You may double at any point number, even after splitting. Splitting can be done up to three times, with four hands as the outcome. Aces may not be resplit, and are only dealt one additional card. An ace split with a card worth ten points counts as 21, not blackjack. Unequal cards that do have the same value may also be split. So a jack and a king can be split because they are both worth ten points. It is not possible to give up in this game.

Bonus Blackjack sidebet

At Premium Bonus Blackjack you can play the Bonus sidebet. This is not mandatory, but in order to play the sidebet, a bet for the round must be made first. The bet for the sidebets may be a minimum of $1 dollars and a maximum of $25 dollars per hand. The sidebet bets on the outcome of the first two cards.

If the first two cards are both the same suit, i.e. both are diamonds, hearts, spades, or clubs, the bet is doubled 2.5 times. If the first two cards are an ace and a jack of the same suit, your bet is doubled 25 times. And if the ace and the jack are both spades, your bet is doubled a whopping 50 times. So with this bonus game, you can easily achieve much higher winnings.

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Different versions

There are different versions of Premium Bonus Blackjack available through Microgaming. The regular Bonus Blackjack version allows you to bet a minimum of $1 dollars and a maximum of $200 dollars per round. With the Bonus Blackjack Gold edition, this is increased to a minimum of $5 dollars and a maximum of $500 dollars. Then you can also choose to play the Multi Hand Gold version, where the bet is again a minimum of $1 dollars and a maximum of $200 dollars. This then applies on a per hand basis, though, which means that with up to five hands you can bet a minimum of $5 dollars and a maximum of $1000 dollars. With the Gold editions, the playing experience is also made a lot better, with visual improvements, better sound and fine music, the beautiful graphics, and the streamlined movements in the game, such as the cards being shuffled and the coins moving across the table.

The tilted image, high definition graphics and animations, and authentic casino music make it feel not like you’re sitting in front of your computer at home, but in your favorite casino at a traditional blackjack table, alone or with friends, with a deft and friendly dealer in front of you. The experience feels lifelike, and is furthered by the conveniences of the buttons that allow you to play the game like a professional. Finally, the house edge in a land casino is always higher than in online casinos, so there is no better way to play Premium Bonus Blackjack than online. The advantage of online casinos is that there are plenty of other casino games on offer, just in case things don’t go according to plan with Premier Bonus Blackjack.

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