Postponement for Mega Hard Rock Resort in Spain

In many countries of the world gambling can be done and you will find large casinos as a player. They also regularly choose to expand their casinos to offer even more to players. This is also the case in the region of Catalonia in Spain.

Here the Hard Rock company from the United States has big plans to build a huge casino and resort. For this, the chain of casinos already received the right in 2017 to do so.

A lot of land needed Hard Rock Resort

However, the project is having a hard time getting off the ground because quite a few problems have arisen in recent years. The biggest stumbling block is in the land needed to bring the project to life so that a huge multi-use resort can be built.

A deal was struck between Hard Rock and the autonomous government of Catalonia in March 2020 stipulating that the land would be purchased by a Spanish company who would then resell it to Hard Rock.
Design Hard Rock complex Spain
Design Hard Rock complex Spain

Postponement in connection with Corona

And then the Corona virus struck. Hard Rock had until May 5 to accept the settlement and buy the land but they have since asked for a five-month postponement themselves. In fact, the profits that the company had earmarked for the purchase of the land and the development of the project disappeared like snow in the sun.

The cause was the pandemic Covid-19 that made its appearance in Spain and closed down the casino sector. The government of Catalonia agreed to postpone the requested five months.

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Not exactly a small project

If the project does get off the ground then it won’t exactly be a bland affair. The project will consist of multiple attractions, several hotels, drinking establishments and a casino. It will be the first complex realized by Hard Rock in Europe. The project is planned to cost around two billion dollars, which is no mean feat.

Some figures

The complete resort will cover about 745000 square meters while the casino alone will cover almost 8000 square meters. The two envisioned hotels will have a combined area of 63000 square meters. Stores will take up about 15000 square meters and you will also find opportunities to spend your free time and go watch live entertainment. About 6000 square meters will be set aside for that. There are also plans for a concert hall that can accommodate 15000 visitors.

Beneficial for employment

All in all, of course, it is a mega project on which some $700 million is already being spent in the first phase. The project is a positive thing when looking at employment in the region. There will be work for people in construction, but once it is finished, also for many employees in hospitality, retail and the casino itself of course. Spain is not the only country where Hard Rock has plans. They are also developing plans for a resort near an abandoned airport near Athens.