Playing Roulette with smaller bets is more fun

Are you interested in playing a game at the casino but would rather try it out at home first? Then as of October 2021 you can do this through an online casino as well. This way you can get to know the game and its rules and find out if it’s something for you.

Especially as a newcomer, it’s fun and exciting to bet money, but you don’t want to spend too much on it as long as you don’t know exactly how the game works. Therefore, in the future you will have the opportunity to gamble online at a live casino where you don’t have to bet too much at once.

Playing live roulette with lower stakes can be exciting too

Not betting too much at once and not betting large amounts can be done at a live casino at Live Roulette. This way you not only get to know the game better and become more practiced at it, but you also don’t lose large amounts of money so it remains fun to do. Even if you want to and can bet more money, playing for smaller amounts can certainly be exciting at the Roulette table.

Less profit but still fun

Always take a good look at the amounts that can be wagered. This can sometimes be as little as €0.10 per round that you bet. Make sure these amounts apply to the entire table so you can choose the right one for your online roulette bet. Of course, if you don’t bet high amounts, you’ll win less per round, but that doesn’t mean the game can’t be entertaining and exciting.
Lightning Roulette is by far the most popular variant
Lightning Roulette is by far the most popular variant

Live Lightning Roulette

We have listed for you the Roulette games that are available live at an online casino and do not require you to wager much per round. By far the most popular game is Live Lightning Roulette. Here the minimum bet is $0.10 per round. This way is a lot more exciting for you as a player because your bet can be doubled so that you can win a lot more. Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers, among others, are used for this purpose and sometimes up to 500x the original bet can be won. This way a small bet can earn you a lot of money.

You can play Live Roulette at these casinos

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Speed Auto Roulette

To begin with, there is the so-called Speed Auto Roulette. Here you may place a bet as low as €0.10. The name says it all: the game is played quickly and sometimes a round takes only 15 seconds. This way of playing ensures that you always have to bet quickly but can win a lot per hour if luck is on your side. This variant is played without a live croupier and is best suited to more experienced players.

Live Double Ball Roulette

There is also the option of playing Live Double Ball Roulette. In this variant of the game, two balls are used simultaneously and the minimum bet is 25 cents. This is slightly more than 20 cents. Will both balls fall on the same number? Then you’re the big winner but, of course, you can win something even if one of the balls falls on a number, color or whatever you’ve bet on.

Auto Live Roulette from NetEnt

The latest version is the Auto Live Roulette from developer NetEnt. Here you bet a minimum of 25 cents. In this version, no live croupier is present to lead the game but this is streamed live from NetEnt’s studio. This way you as a player still get the experience of a real casino and all the associated excitement.

Always handle your money correctly

As with all gambling games, live roulette is all about handling your money correctly. Even if you only bet small amounts, make sure you never bet more than you can afford. For this purpose it is best to set aside a certain amount of money before you start playing so that you know what you can spend at the Roulette table. If it’s gone, then the game ends there for you too and you’ll never have bet too much.

Always watch what you bet per round and on what. This way you can keep playing and enjoying the game for a while and not lose all your money after just a few rounds. If you bet on a certain color, for example, you will win less each time, but you will have a greater chance of winning something and you will be able to keep playing longer.

Watch how low betting works and if it’s possible

Playing live roulette does not work the same way at every online casino so always check out how it works in advance. Choose a live casino that you like and where you can play safely. Playing with lower stakes can be fun and this way you can also play longer and enjoy the game and the whole atmosphere. With a little luck you’ll still win some and you won’t suffer big losses if you choose to make small bets per round. And ‘he who does not honor the small’, in that case also applies at the Roulette table.