Playing casino games when you’re on the go

At one point, playing casino games on your phone or tablet was a rarity. Support was limited until the iPhone hit the market in 2007.

Since then, smartphones have gone from a luxury to an everyday tool, and almost everyone has one. And with such a large market of customers carrying their internet access with them all day, it was only a matter of time before mobile casinos became hugely popular!

To play at an online casino in the Netherlands you need to choose a casino that holds a Dutch license.

Benefits of Mobile Gambling

Gone are the days when you had to sit at your computer or laptop to play a round or two. The industry has shifted its focus to mobile devices, and for good reason. The vast majority of people use their phones to connect to the internet. If you’ve ever wondered why every online casino seems to be designed primarily for a smartphone screen, here’s why.

Online casinos aren’t the only ones cashing in on this trend either. We’ve also seen the rise of payment services like Boku, which allow you to deposit money into an online casino via your phone! You have to pay a little extra, but the convenience is well worth it. Double because you don’t have to register any additional payment methods to deposit! All you need is your phone number.

You can also switch and resume gameplay from one device to another. And while this was something on desktop, it really shines when you have multiple mobile devices. You can play a few rounds of blackjack on your tablet. Then resume the same game on your phone while traveling. And when you get home, you can resume the same round you started on another device of your choice!

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The disadvantages of mobile gambling

Nine times out of ten, mobile gambling refers to phones. And while phones have undoubtedly gotten bigger, they still have a fairly limited screen space. Software providers have done their best to accommodate this with separate layouts for mobile and desktop. But you’re bound to touch a button with your fingers that you didn’t want to. There is no way around this except playing on a medium or large tablet.

Depending on the game, you may find that while playing casino games all your data is quickly gobbled up. We don’t expect this problem to occur with RNG-powered casino games or simpler slots. But if you play something more visually intense, or go for a live dealer release, you’ll find that your data runs out quickly. To combat this, software vendors allow you to lower the visual fidelity.

We also find that playing on your phone or tablet drains their battery quickly. The bigger your battery is, the longer it lasts. But if you play a lot, you will also need to charge your devices more often. This leads to the battery getting worn out, which eventually means you’ll need to have it replaced.

Finally, this problem mainly affects Android devices, and so apps are installed. Most casinos have switched from apps to play directly from the browser. But some operators still offer an app that you can download. Due to changes in Google Play Store policy, you can no longer download those apps from the Play Store. Instead, you have to tinker with the settings, which can cause security problems later.

Still worth it?

Absolutely! The drawbacks are annoying, but they’re not dealbreakers by any means. Of course, as time goes on, we will see data limits for mobile internet increase. New and better batteries are already being made. And really, when was the last time you used an app to play in a mobile casino? If you haven’t already, it’s time to play casino games on your phone. Trust us, you won’t regret it!