Planet 7 Casino Review

Planet 7 Casino Online gaming is a very broad and interesting industry. One of the major players in the online casino world is Planet 7 casino. They have an amazing format and while they have most of the major table games such as roulette, craps, pai-gow poker, they also have some games that are unique to them in their slot selection. Their slot machine selection is second to none in the online gambling world.

Planet 7 casino is offering some of the best online casino bonuses in the industry. They offer bonuses on all of the first eight deposits made to their online casino. This is amazing. Many online casinos only offer a bonus on the first four or five deposits, but they are offering one of the first eight. Wow! They offer one hundred percent match on the first deposit and then one hundred percent on four of the next seven deposits. They also offer a fifty percent bonus on the other fourteen deposits. That is what I call a players casino. They know how to look out for the average online gambler.

Much competition exists in the online gaming industry, and anytime you find a casino that is willing to put up those kinds of numbers you should jump on the opportunity to gamble there. Another feature that they have that I absolutely love is the slot tournaments they hold. They have a wide variety of slot machine tournaments for every level of player. This is a way to win large amounts of money without risking a whole lot, and it a very powerful feature on their online casino.

They have a very user friendly interface as well. The graphics are second to none and everything is very easy to access. Their customer service is top notch and they know how to treat their players. It is not difficult to deposit money on to Planet 7, and they make gambling online a pleasant experience. One of my favorite games on this casino is blackjack. For some reason I tend to win more money playing blackjack here then I do on any of the other online casinos.

All in all Planet 7 Casino is a great online gaming casino. They take care of their online gambling clients, and they have a great selection of table games and slot machines. I would highly recommend them when you are looking to try and new casino out in the ever popular online gambling world.

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