Pay N Play casinos are becoming more and more popular

Gaming is very trendy and extremely popular to do online. The gaming world is in full swing and the latest techniques follow each other in rapid succession. Totally trendy are the so-called Pay & Play casinos.

These casinos allow players to simply go to a specific site of an online casino and start playing right away. No registration is required. Should you win, you’ll be paid out immediately without any additional actions being required.

Pay n Play is a perfect solution

This idea is good for both the players and the online casino. The players get what they came for and can start playing right away without all kinds of cumbersome actions. After all, they want to do a game first and foremost and not go through all kinds of procedures before they can finally play.

For the casinos, it means more satisfied players who are more likely to continue playing or return to the same casino. This way the casino retains its players faster. If you’re not sure what this concept means exactly? Then we have listed the pros and cons for you.

Only one way to pay possible

It’s important to know that these casinos sometimes only allow one way of paying. You can’t use an e-wallet or credit card but pay directly from your own bank account. The only condition is that your bank should support it and not every bank does. It is also the case that this is only possible in certain countries.

See for yourself how easy Pay N Play is

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Log in with your own bank details

Playing without an account is of course convenient and fast, but it is not the case that no data needs to be provided at all. If you’re a player and you want to participate in a game at a Pay & Play casino you do this by using your Bank ID. If you log in to the site you can make a payment directly which will be processed immediately by the system (an example is Pay N Play). With this processing, all information about you as a player that is linked to your ID will of course also be processed so you won’t remain completely anonymous.

The moment you start playing the online casino is aware of your identity and they already know enough to be able to track you down if they wish to do so. That way, if you win, you can collect your money immediately without having to provide any additional information.

Less work for both the player and the casino

It obviously works both ways: for the player, it gives less frustration because you don’t have to provide a lot of data and can start playing right away. The casino also has less work in processing the data so everyone can be happy. If you look at the finances then a Pay & Play casino is actually very secure. A direct transfer to and from a bank account is safe but at first it took a bit of time.

However, they are working hard on the speed so that this is no longer a problem. You just log in to your bank before you start playing (the bank arranges this for you safely) and no personally sensitive data is released. No one else can ever access your account as only you have the correct credentials.

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You do log in

It may seem like you’re playing without an account at this type of online casino but that’s not the case. An account is created when you make your first deposit. You may not create an account but the casino knows enough about you to do it for you. Since you don’t have to spend any time at all you can start playing right away. The only problem that arises is that your bank will not always cooperate with you in transferring money to an online casino.

They know exactly where your money is going and don’t always encourage you to gamble with it, even if it is your money. Registering does not happen in the same way as with traditional online casinos but it is done. Just more in the background so you don’t have to deal with it.

Repetition is easy

Are you returning to the same online casino after a while? Then you don’t have to worry about not being recognized because you just do the same as the other times. You log in with your bank details and you’ll be recognized based on those details. If you are the only one who knows the details of your bank account, no one else can do anything with them or log into your account. Because you work with a personal code or password that nobody else knows, gaming in this way is also extremely safe to do. The chance that someone else can get hold of your winnings is extremely minimal.

Not yet possible everywhere to pay this way

If you like to gamble and want to start right away without all the administrative hassle of signing up, the concept of a Pay & Play casino is of course very attractive. The rise of this type of casino is certainly in full swing as it makes it easier and easier for players to play a game.

Sometimes it’s too easy because it’s almost as if you pay with your bank card and can start playing right away. Just as if you were running an errand. Currently there are still some legal and regulatory hurdles to be overcome before this method can be applied in more countries. Only then will it be clear whether Pay & Play casinos will become the biggest in the field of online gaming.