Thanks to the mobile phone, Patience has been given a new lease of life. Most phones come with the game as a standard app.

Otherwise there are many game sites and apps that allow you to play solitaire for free anywhere.

Patience is a fun pastime

If you are a fan of strategic card games and have some spare time, then solitaire is a fun option. Patience is a free option at many gaming sites. Step into the footsteps of great people who have played solitaire in the past to pass time or simply because they found the game extremely fun and challenging.

The rules of solitaire

You may have played solitaire on your computer many times in the past, but now you look at it a bit strangely. In fact, solitaire does have rules, for example, regarding the seven bottom rows, the four graded aces stacks and the stock (or bank).

In seven rows, the bottom card is revealed, with the 1st row holding only one card, but the 7th row also holding seven cards. So each time, the bottom card is face up and you can move it to other stacks.

Unlike other card games such as Caribbean Stud Poker, in solitaire the Ace does not participate in the game. The ace of each type of card (hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) lies in the ace pile, i.e. there are four of them next to each other. The nice thing about solitaire is that a five and six may look like a suitable combination, but these two cards must both be of a different color. Thus, you may not place a black 5 under a black 6, but you may place a red 5 under a black 6. From the pile you may constantly open 1 or 3 cards and bring them into play yourself. If one of the seven rows of cards is empty, then you can randomly drag one of the cards from the pile to this row and continue playing.Another word for solitaire is solitaire, which may sound familiar from earlier online games.

Alone or against the bank

Solitaire offers many possibilities. You can play solitaire by yourself or against the bank. The game of solitaire is one of the oldest card games in the world, which was first popularized in France. In the middle of the 19th century, France became completely captivated by solitaire, from which other parts of Europe and the United States also discovered the game.

With the advent of the computer, solitaire experienced a new boom, as it was now very easy to shuffle cards online and start playing. Nowadays, the popularity of this game online has declined, but you still have the opportunity to crack your brains about this game at various websites with games.

Strategies of solitaire

As with any card game, solitaire is partly dependent on the cards that are laid out and the cards that are dropped later. However, there are three strategies you can employ to increase your chances of winning:

  • Deuce Protection: Deuce is French for 2 and this number you must protect. Therefore, you wait to put away threes on an ace pile so that you maximize your chances of playing a 2.
  • Next Card Protection: When you can put away a lot of cards at once, you always keep a possibility open at the bottom to play an even lower card of one card type.
  • The Block: In solitaire we speak of a 5-6-7-8 block. In this strategy, you don’t put said cards away in the ace pile unless they come out perfectly and fit well with the situation and time of the game.

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Important Patience information

Once the game has started, the colors of the cards are the most important. Only in the case of the king is it important what type of card you have, i.e. hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades. The heart lord must be able to connect to the heart ace. It doesn’t matter what is placed under this lord in one pile.

The two through the lord must all be in a pile in the game before you can connect it to the fixed ace pile. In some forms of solitaire, the ace pile is not fixed at all, but you must drag the ace from the game to the four intended spots. A game of solitaire is also not something you can easily finish.

Mobile, Online, and Free

You can play Solitaire anywhere and anytime, on your laptop, tablet, mobile or desktop, it doesn’t matter! There are many apps available today that you can install for free on your phone that offer this fun game. This way you can play it anywhere in the world. Wherever you are and whatever time it is. There are also several opportunities online to try out different versions.