Paroli system

When playing roulette, if you want to get some more structure into your game then it is advisable to use a strategy. You can think of a pattern of numbers that you want to play. But you can also choose a betting strategy. There are a number of interesting systems. The Paroli system is one of these betting systems.

With a betting strategy you follow a certain pattern with your bets. The pattern depends on the outcome of a spin in roulette and whether you win or lose because of this outcome. The advantage of betting systems is that they can guide you in a thorough way towards winning.

The Patoli system

Since many players successfully use the Paroli system, we want to explain this system to you. In addition, we’ll also tell you how you can try this roulette strategy for free. By the way, it is important to use this system only on European Roulette. After all, the house edge in this version is much lower than in the American variant.

Paroli StrategyTry the Paroli system in European Roulette


The Paroli system is a simple progressive betting system. It works like this. You place a bet on a single chance in roulette. This is red/black, odd/even or 1-18/19-36. If you lose the bet you just keep repeating it. If you win the bet then the next bet is double. If you win it again then you double again.

If you win three times in a row then you go back to your first bet. If you lose before winning three times in a row then you go back to your first bet.
The Paroli system in action
The Paroli system in action
Of course you can also go for a longer winning streak. Your winnings will then be many times greater. However, the chance of a winning run is also considerably smaller. The chance of winning three times in a row is 12.15%. If you want to go for 5x in a row then you still have a 3.04% chance of succeeding. True, you will win 31 units, so you might want to go for that one time.

To keep it all a bit manageable, we recommend that if you want to play with the Paroli system, first start with a series of three. If it goes well and you have built up a nice bankroll, you can try to increase your series. Keep in mind, however, that this could turn out to be a disappointment more often than not.

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Fair odds guaranteed with the RNG

Would you like to possibly gamble at a casino and know more about security? Then know that even with the Paroli system you can count on fair odds of winning. After all, when playing roulette against the software, a game always uses a Random Number Generator. This is a code that ensures a random number is always chosen where the ball will end up.

When spinning the cylinder, even when using this system you will see that your bets are not specifically considered. For that matter, any winnings you may have made in the past will not play any role either. Playing at a casino with Random Number Generator is therefore not only safe, but also 100% honest!

Practice for free with the Paroli system

Players who want to be successful with the Paroli system can practice at a Dutch-licensed online casino as of October 2021.

You can open a casino of your choice and load the Netent Roulette there, for example, without the need for an account. This way you can not only play anonymously for fun, but also experience the effects of the Paroli strategy very well. Why do we recommend you to practice Netent roulette first? That’s because you’ll get a virtual balance of €5000 and can practice as long as you want!


  • Losses are reasonably limited in case of a bad session
  • With a winning streak, profits can increase enormously
  • It is not a complicated system
  • You don’t have to bet on single chances only


  • After 3 consecutive wins you only win 7 units, this may be too little
  • Chances are you will become overconfident at the expense of your bankroll

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Paroli system?

The Paroli system is a very simple progressive wagering system.

Is the Paroli system only to be used with roulette?

No. You can also use the system in Blackjack.

Is this system worthwhile?

If you stick strictly to the system you’ll never really chase your losses and you can try to win them back fairly easily. Discipline is a prerequisite.

Origins of the Paroli system

There is much controversy about the origins of this particular system. The most popular belief is that the French inventor of roulette, Blaise Pascal, also created the Paroli. The word itself is of French origin. It is possible that this system is as old as roulette itself.

What we do know is that the Paroli system has been used since the 16th century. It is the opposite of the Martingale system. In Martingale you double after losing, in Paroli you double the bet after winning. If you lose at Paroli you place the same bet, and again if you lose again.