Rules of Playing on a Slot Machine

Slot Machine is among the most popularly played online casino games. When you want to enjoy slots machines, it is important that you learn the rules of the game so that you can win the maximum time. Slot Machine is highly popular not just on online casinos, but also in traditional casinos. In fact, these casino games contribute to more than 65% of the income generated by casino gambling.

Basics of Slot Machine Games

Your goal when playing on Slot Machine is to get a winning combination of the symbols to hit the jackpot. These are generally operated using coins and have at least 3 reels. The moment you pull the lever at the side of the machine, the reels start spinning. When you play in an online casino, you will be just clicking on a button to spin the reels. Slot Machine was also known popularly as “one-armed bandit” because it was capable of taking way your money.


When you want to enjoy slot games, you will have to choose the size of the coin from the coin selection button. Then you can start betting by using either one or the most number of available coins. You can start the game in a number of ways – pull the handle, press the button or inserting the coin. The moment there is a flash of light or the bell rings, you are into the game. And, when the reels come to a stop, hit the ‘Cash-Out’ button to gather the total amount.

How the Game Operates

Learning the rules of slot machine games is important if you want to survive in this thrilling game. There is a payout table in Slot Machine. You can compare the payouts between different machines before choosing your slot machine. Make sure that you don’t choose a machine without a payout table.

When you learn the rules of slot games, you will find that every machine gives you the choice to play with the max value. You can choose to play with denominations like dollar, quarters or nickels. However, the choice of denominations depends upon your bankroll.

Coin Denominations in a Slot Machine

The bets in an online Slot Machine are based upon the coin denominations. You can choose the coin denominations from the display given on the slot machine. Also the payouts are given out on the same coin value which were used when betting.

When betting, first choose the coin denomination. Then, the coins are deposited. If you want to bet just a single coin at one time, you can press the button, “Bet One.” Every time you press this button a coin is taken away from your account. And, when you have a big bankroll, you can choose to press the “Bet Max” button. After this the reels begin spinning. It is possible to return the bet coins back to the credit balance by pressing the “Cash Out” button.

It is possible in a Slot Machine that the reels spin individually or together and stop with a random symbol. It would be required to compare your resultant combination of the symbols with the payout chart to find out the payout amount. It is necessary to understand that all the winnings from a Slot Machine will be redeemed from the cashier section.


Slots are machines that are used in casinos as gambling machines. The machines have reels which automatically spin when a button is pressed. They contribute a huge percentage of the income that is generated in the casinos. When you insert a coin into the slot, it would be automatically detected by the machine. Not all the slot machines are the same and therefore you need to consider each one of them thoroughly before you decide which one you are going to pay. Before you decide on which slot machine you are going to play, you need to read the payout schedule that is located on the front of the machine. Theplayer needs to know the denominations that the machine is going to accept.

Some of the common slots available in casinos are listed below:

The multiplier slot is a machine has been allocated a payout for a certain symbol .The symbol is proportional to the number of coins that have been inserted into the slot.

The bonus multiplier slot works in the same way as the multiplier. The main difference between this slot and the multiplier is that it offers bonuses in the event that a player wins.

The multiple pay line gambling slots work in such a way that every coin that is inserted into the slot is used to activate a new line of play.

Buy-a-Pay slot works in such a way that each coin that is inserted into the slot is used to activate a payout that is different from the previous one.

Progressive slots always deduct a percentage of the money that you have inserted into the slot. The money is then pooled so as to build the funds for the ultimate jackpot.

There are no special skills that are required before playing slots. There are a few basics that the players must familiarize themselves with. The first thing that theplayer is supposed to know is that they need to avoid the fancy games with a lot of features and just stick to the basic, simpleones. This is because the odds of winning the simple games are higher than the more fancy ones.

Players are usually advised to go for the games with higher denominations as this also increases theirchances of winning.

The player needs to always be on the lookout for the special slots. These may include slots that have not paid off for quite some time or the slots that have jackpots that are exceedingly high. Asa player you need to be keen so that you spot the high value slots. These may include slots that have bonuses that are high. The slots that look worn out and dilapidated may be the best to play. The player should as much as possible shun the new and fancy slots. The player should interact freely with the attendants and the host of thecasinos. Whoknows, they may give you a tip or two on how to increase your chances of striking the jackpot.