Online Gambling Laws within the United States

Most people seem to enjoy the idea of gambling online. It is very convenient for them in the sense that they do not even have to leave their own home, and can avoid the crowd a real life casino can bring. However, online gambling companies fall directly into a legal grey area. The USA online gambling laws makes online gambling virtually illegal in the majority of states. With online gambling being illegal in most states, most people would assume that those who get involved would face jail time, but that is not the case. In legal matters it is hard to convict an individual person of gambling online mainly because they are doing it from home. Another kicker that makes it hard for any individual to be convicted of online gambling is the fact that, USA online gambling laws require such websites to have servers that operate outside of the United States.

There are presumed to be around 70 countries that will allow an online casino to set up shop within its country’s borders. Some of these countries include, France, Canada, Denmark, South Korea, Finland, New Zealand, and Australia. When a person chooses to gamble with any online casino, upon entering that website, they are required to agree to that sites terms and condition. It is the individual’s responsibility to find out if gambling online is legal or illegal in the area that they live in. You will be often required to adhere to all age limits and restrictions that may be set up in your local area. If you gamble with any online casino and should you win money without finding out first if it is legal in your area, all your winning can be taken away from you.

The U.S Wire Wager act makes it virtually illegal to place bets through a wire method which the internet falls under. This is because often times the internet can be used to place bets in places where online gambling is not allowed. This would mean that, if any foreign country had players in the United States placing bets, that company would be breaking the U.S law, although the United States has no jurisdiction with any foreign countries. Most players who experiment with online gambling are generally never caught and an unpunished illegal act is what the government is left with. The laws were mainly put into place to protect citizens, because if it should occur that an individual places bets online and gets cheated by a foreign country, it will be very difficult for that individual to sue that company because of the fact that it is illegal in the first place.

It is because of players being cheated out of their money that most countries that allow online gambling enforce strict guidelines that the casinos have to follow legitimately in order for the company to continue their operations. These regulations will make sure a company will pay out should a player win. There are also countries who are not very strict on regulations when it comes to online casinos but seem to be way more interested in making sure that the company is taxed over the individuals gambling safety.