Online Casino Helpdesk

When you start gambling at a licensed online casino in the future, not everything is self-evident. People who have never played at a casino site before will surely have many questions. Especially when it comes to a welcome bonus there is often a lack of clarity.

On the other hand it can also happen that you have a bit more experience and still want to ask a casino something. In that case you should know that the online casino helpdesk can always assist you.

Helpdesk of various kinds

There are different helpdesk options available at a gambling site. After all, not every method can be found everywhere. Moreover, one method has advantages over the other.

Reason enough to read our article and prepare yourself for contacting an online casino helpdesk.

Contact by e-mail

Although using an FAQ can be convenient, it’s not always 100% certain that your questions will actually be answered. In that case you should know that you can always send an email to the online casino helpdesk. How the mail is sent can be different.

One helpdesk can be reached by filling out a contact form and another online casino will only display an email address. You can then click on it to go to your mail program or copy it to yourself. Once you’ve sent your email, many casinos state that you can expect a reply within 24 hours. Fortunately we can tell you that we have tested opinion online casino helpdesk. During office hours our questions were answered within 2 hours and sometimes within half an hour. So for quick contact you can also email us.

helpdesk by mail

Live Chat with an Employee

Would you prefer to speak directly to an employee? Then using the live chat is definitely recommended. If you want to chat with an employee you can often find a CHAT NOW button. On the other hand, it may also be the case that you can start a chat from the online casino helpdesk page itself.

As soon as you start a chat session an employee will introduce himself and ask what he or she can do for you. Choose a Dutch online casino like Polder Casino or Klaver Casino? Then you can speak to them in English. Contacting an international casino? In that case you’ll obviously have to ask your questions in English. Usually the live chat is not available 24/7, but from early morning until often midnight. Opening hours are of course always readily available at online casinos.

Contacting us by phone

The last option not to be forgotten is the telephone online casino helpdesk. In addition to chatting directly with an employee, you can also contact them by telephone. It is important to know that without logging in you will always find a foreign phone number. Many people don’t like this, because it can involve a lot of extra costs. This is something that you will not encounter with the other options of a customer service.

Would you like to contact the casino by phone without any extra costs? Then make sure you can log into a casino with an account. If you then go to the online casino helpdesk you’ll usually find a toll free number. This way you’re sure to get a quick response and you don’t have to worry about the costs involved.

Trained online casino staff

When you contact the online casino helpdesk you will be dealing with employees. Only in the case of an FAQ, of course, you won’t. The fact that you will be contacted by an employee of the casino itself is always nice. These customer service representatives are trained by the casino. They can give you information on all the ins and outs and are also supported by supervisors.

Is there something you’re having trouble with? Then a member of staff will always come back to you with an appropriate answer. As far as the contact with the online casino helpdesk is concerned, we’ve noticed that it’s always friendly. You’ll be treated in a professional manner and nicely. Are you playing at a casino on our site and having a bad experience? If so, we would like to hear about it so we can run another test on it.

All-inclusive FAQ pages

If you end up at an online casino help desk, you’ll soon see that it offers a FAQ page. How much information can you find there? That will vary from casino to casino. One casino has a fixed page, where various frequently asked questions are answered.

On the other hand there are also casinos that have a FAQ page with several topics. You can then click on these to find out if your question is listed per topic. Our preference is obviously for an online casino helpdesk that has arranged its FAQ by subject. Usually these are more extensive and you can expect a more detailed answer to your questions.