Online casino blacklist

Playing at one of the dozens of online casinos, it’s what many people around the world like to do. From the comfort of your armchair, betting money on a virtual roulette, poker or blackjack table. Online gambling, however, is still a gray area in many countries, meaning that it is allowed, but often with important conditions.

If you really want to gamble safely on the Internet, then it’s better to wait until 2021 because from then on online casinos with a Dutch license will enter the market.

Black list of online casinos; these are not the places to gamble

Not all online casinos manage to abide by these conditions and then the gray area becomes increasingly risky for you as a gambler. Other casinos do follow the rules, but sometimes pay out badly won money to the gambler or are not transparent in their housekeeping. Here you will find the main reasons to skip some casinos and later on you will come across a blacklist of online casinos.

Note: We certainly do not claim that the blacklist below is complete. It is merely a collection of the online casinos that we have concluded that something is amiss! This doesn’t mean that other online casinos don’t belong on this list. We therefore recommend to always read a review before signing up at a casino.

  • Mr Ringo
  • Royale Jackpot Casino
  • Malibu Club Casino
  • Bovada Casino
  • 99 Slot Machines
  • Bet Voyager
  • City Club Casino
  • 7Jackpots Casino
  • 7Kasino Group
  • Golden Lion Casino
  • Bodog

These casinos are recommended by us”

Reasons for being blacklisted

There are numerous reasons why an online casino might end up on a blacklist. At the top of the list, of course, is the handling of online players’ finances. Surely, one of the biggest annoyances of gamblers is the non-payment of winnings or the much late payment of winnings. In addition, some online casinos leave players in the dark about the fairness of tables. No doubt you will have experienced, for example, blackjack, losing in improbable ways at key moments. Often these combinations are so unrealistic that the fairness of the site is compromised. Finally, online casinos also frequently use such a platform to launder criminal money. Other reasons why casinos may be blacklisted are:

  • Sending surreptitious/misleading advertisements
  • Online casinos that do not protect players explicitly enough
  • Casinos that pass on customer data to other parties, without providing transparency about this

A blacklist for online casinos, the so called casino blacklist, is purely to protect gamblers from illegal practices or unpaid play money. There are several international parties that expose abuses at online casinos and that is good for you as an online gambler.

Don’t want to lose money unnecessarily in online casinos and want to gamble without weird feelings? Then check out which online casinos are better to avoid. These include small and larger casinos.

Why skip a blacklisted casino?

At blacklisted online casinos, you have a high chance of hiccups in financial management and settlement. Also, you’re likely to get quite a bit of spam, for example, on other websites or in your mailbox. A blacklist is updated every year, so online casinos have the chance to do themselves a favor and improve every year. This should then be reflected in the experience and ratings of regular and new customers.

What is also important at an online casino?

There is nothing more annoying than an online casino that has no or insufficient customer service point. For example, if you have problems with refunds or deposits, you want to know where the problems occur and why. So a customer service point is of great importance at online casinos, yet not all casinos estimate this the same. So there are quite a few things that can decide whether you have a good online casino platform or not.

Play at a Dutch licensed casino soon. This is our most important advice. Do not take the risk of playing at a casino that is not controlled by the Dutch authorities!