Online Atlantic City Blackjack

Everyone knows Las Vegas as the city to go gambling in. But in earlier times, Atlantic City was also a true gambling paradise. They have been surpassed in this respect by other cities where big gambling can take place. Especially in Asia in the famous Macao. But what Atlantic City did manage was something unique. They have given their name to a special form of the card game Blackjack.

The variant is called Atlantic City Blackjack. We’ve put together the facts about this variant for you. That way you’ll know exactly what the differences are from the original game. It’s a game you can also play online.

Atlantic City Blackjack from Microgaming

Game developer Microgaming started creating the first software for online gambling in 1994. Ten years later, the first mobile casino sees the light of day. Microgaming’s games pay out big cash prizes. But what makes this company truly unique is their approach and the way they deal with players. They actually have contact with each other if desired or needed. If you can’t quite work it out as a player you can also contact them and have the problem solved.

Based on the original game

Microgaming develops Atlantic City Blackjack for online gaming. This version of the game is based on the original Blackjack game. Atlantic City Blackjack is very similar to the original game. Therefore, it is easy to follow for skilled players. They can easily make the transition from the real casino to the world of online gambling and mobile gaming and gambling.

Before the game starts

Betting is done at the beginning. You play against the bank. In a real casino you bet with chips and online with a certain amount of money. All players place their bets and the croupier indicates that betting is no longer possible. In an online casino it is also clearly indicated when betting is no longer possible. The game can begin.

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The rules of the game of Blackjack

The cards with which one plays Blackjack all have their own value. If there is a number on it then the card has that value. The King, Queen and Jack have a value of ten points. The ace can be 1 or 11 depending on what is most convenient for the player. The game has room for two to seven players at a time. There is someone who deals the cards and participates himself on behalf of the casino. All players are dealt two cards on the first round, both of which are shown. The dealer (also known as the bank) also gets two cards. But only one of the two is visible.

How exactly does the game work?

The players come first in the game of Blackjack. Once you have seen the two cards, you can decide whether or not you want one more. You can keep playing until you pass, but the maximum number of points to be won is 21. If you go over, you lose, but you can also pass if you are still under 21. If you get two cards with the same value the first time, you are allowed to split them. If you manage to collect 21 with the first two cards you win immediately.

First the players pass, then the bank.

Once you have passed, the game stops for you and you have to wait what the other players will do. After everyone has finished playing and passed (or busted because they passed 21), it’s the dealer’s or bank’s turn. The banker is always the last one to play. In Blackjack, if the banker’s first two cards total 17 or more, they always stop immediately.

If the banker’s total is 16 or lower, the player will be asked to add another card. The banker always plays by the same fixed rules that don’t even care what number you or the other players have. The banker simply follows a fixed pattern. Even if you or one of the other players have managed to collect 19 or 20, for example, the bank will still stop at 17 or more and one of the players has automatically won.

Stakes, losses and winnings in Atlantic City Blackjack

After the bank passes or stops, the game round in Atlantic City Blackjack also ends. It’s time to see who won. If the banker has Blackjack, then the players have lost and their wager goes to the bank. If the bank does not have Blackjack and you or one of the other players have more than the bank then you win. You get your stake and the profit that goes with it paid out in chips.

Online, the winnings are paid out in money which is displayed in a table so that you know what you have won. If you have the same number as the bank, you get your bet back. This means that you have no profit but also no loss. You can try again the next round. Are you ready to give Atlantic City Blackjack a try online choose an online casino selected by us. This way you can be sure you are playing at a safe and reliable casino.