New ways to gamble online

Whether you’re playing for the highest winnings or just for the fun of gambling, the fact is that in the coming years there will be many more options available to you. Not only is the number of mobile casino apps increasing, but so is the quality of these apps for a wider audience. So now you can really gamble anywhere and anytime and this brings a whole new dimension to online gambling.

European Roulette

Roulette is, of course, traditionally one of the most popular casino games and its features are constantly expanding. In essence, of course, roulette is really about the spinning wheel, the 37 numbers and the small, white ball.

gambling online in new waysgambling online in new ways

European Roulette RG from Realistic has given roulette a whole new dimension. Thanks to 3D effects, it is possible to follow the ball all-the-way to the number it stays on.

This is even possible on mobile devices. This is the biggest advancement:
– Sharp interface that makes it easier to replace/change bets
– You can follow your bet history in real time
– Your bet stays spinning while you zoom in on the ball
– Complete view of the spinning wheel during the spin
– Additional options: Dealer sound, spin length, colors and more

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Even more live options

The recent developments in technology for online casinos allow you to experience even more within the live casino. It is now possible to follow live casino on all mobile devices and tablets, delivered complete with the best interface and numerous additional options. What to think of player-owned settings, native language speaking dealers VIP packages and unique chats with dealer or other players. Want to play roulette on a higher level? Then you can even play roulette double-ball.

Blackjack Realistic

As with roulette it is now possible to be even closer to the action in online blackjack. With 3D images, special effects and several extra options you can now experience blackjack in a totally new way from any device you like. In addition, you can participate interactively and choose split, stand or deal faster. Here are the biggest improvements:
– Impressive handling of chips and cards
– Cards and totals are fully visible to all players
– A sharp and adequate user interface

Live blackjack and roulette on phone and tablet

The overall performance of blackjack and roulette has improved greatly over the years. Not only do you have the opportunity to make a simple bet on the table, but you can double faster, change bets and with 3D cameras completely control the game.

You don’t have to rely on a computer to do this; the mobile apps are even a step further. The online casino experience has improved significantly in a market where customers are demanding more and more.

What can we expect?

Live casinos and the options to play via phone or tablet in an online casino are already a thing of the past if you look at what is still to come. Not only are the existing possibilities being optimized more and more, but what about the opportunities that come with Virtual Reality.

This allows you to actually bring the experience of traditional casinos into your home by creating life-like simulations. The development of this smart software is already in full swing.