New Distance Betting Act is on schedule

As it looks now, there is nothing in the way of the new Remote Gaming Act coming into effect on 1 March 2021. This is good news for all concerned.

It means that the government will be able to process license applications from online gambling providers as of March 1, 2021.

No further delay in KOA law

The KOA Act, which was created because the outdated Gaming Act had too many flaws, is there, among other things, to properly regulate online gambling. As soon as the law is in force, applications for licenses from online gambling providers will be processed.

Legally, the KSA must process the applications within 6 months. The online gaming market will open for licensed providers on September 1, 2021. Without a license, it remains to offer games of chance in the Netherlands.

The applications will all be done digitally. A license application will cost €45,000. Regardless of whether the application is approved, the applicant will lose the amount. Incomplete applications may result in rejection or delay, which may prevent companies from operating in the Dutch market on September 1.

CRUKS in force

The KSA has not been sitting still in recent months. The Central Register for the Exclusion of Gambling (Cruks) has been developed and transferred to a managing party. However, the KSA is still busy working on the policy rules, based on the lower legislation. The KSA expects to have these policy rules ready by the end of November this year.

Motion Postema

The Postema motion has been adopted by the Dutch Senate. In it, the Minister for Legal Protection (responsible for gambling policy) is asked to ensure that providers of online games of chance must have refrained for at least two years from specifically and actively offering such games to Dutch consumers.

If a provider has not done so, it will not be eligible for a license for the time being.

At the time a provider submits an application for a license, two years and eight months are looked back. If during that period no actions have been taken towards the Dutch market, the application will be processed. This would mean that the application will be reviewed up until July 1, 2018.

Important to start on time

René Jansen, chairman of the Dutch Gaming Authority, also addressed the potential applicants in his speech. He stressed the importance of starting to prepare the application in time. ‘There is a lot of demand. A lot of time goes into such a preparation anyway. A lot is demanded of the applicant.

“A thorough preparation is really necessary. That is in your interest, because you run the risk of not receiving a permit, or only later than six months after submitting the application. But the Ksa would also rather spend its time and energy on careful and complete applications. So there is a common interest here. Only companies that have Responsible Gambling as their top priority will have a chance of obtaining a licence.”