Musical online bingo by Tim Akkerman rebuked

In these corona times, many people are struggling. Often they are isolated and have little or no contact with the outside world. This is for the protection of everything and everyone, but it does make daily life boring and sometimes even lonely.

Fortunately, there are many people who show wonderful initiatives to connect people with each other. Tim Akkerman wanted to contribute to this and decided to organize an online bingo for his fans.

Tim Akkerman organizes an online bingo

The measures concerning the coronavirus inspired the singer to organize the game nights. The popular Dutch singer decided on his musical bingo because he experiences this period as “the saddest summer ever. Tim tweeted this after the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in which it was announced that festivals and concerts in the Netherlands are taboo until September 1. Like many other artists, Tim misses performing and connecting with fans.

So he decided to host an online bingo. A lot of fun. He also thought it would be fun to spoil the winners of the bingo with some nice prizes. However, this is not allowed in the Netherlands. A letter from the Dutch Gambling Authority followed in which Tim was reprimanded. If you want to give away prizes at a bingo, you have to apply for a permit. Many fans thought this was very silly, but Tim decided not to take any risks and decided to listen to the authorities. Instead of giving away prizes he decided to give a performance as a treat for the fans after the bingo. In the end, everyone was happy after all.

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Musical Bingo Tim Akkerman

Gaming Authority: Bingo with prizes is only allowed with a license

The Dutch Gambling Authority is clear regarding online bingo. Organizing a game of bingo is allowed, also online. However, it is not permissible to give away prizes. Whether these are cash prizes or prizes in kind such as a car or a bicycle. If you want to do that you will first have to apply for a license from the gaming authority. This is the law and as evidenced by the case of Tim Akkerman this law is also observed. So bingo is allowed, but just for the honor.