Multiwheel Roulette

Please note: The information below about online gambling is purely informative. In the Netherlands it is currently NOT permitted to gamble online via websites that do not hold a license issued by the Dutch Gaming Authority. As it stands now, new online licenses will be issued in October 2021.

Playing Multiwheel Roulette

Looking at Multiwheel Roulette we see a game that offers even more opportunities compared to regular gaming tables. Nice to go into it once and that is exactly what we are going to do on this page. We’ll explain everything about playing Multiwheel Roulette to you.
Multiwheel RouletteMultiwheel Roulette

Game rules

The playing field that is present in Multiwheel Roulette is set up based on the European regulations. This means that you immediately have the opportunity to bet on 37 numbers. The fact that this game was eventually given the name Multiwheel Roulette is certainly not surprising. After all, you can decide for yourself how many cylinders you want to play with. In this variation of the game you play with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8 cylinders at the same time!

These are some online casinos that offer this game

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Types of bets you can play

You can choose from different types of bets when you play Multiwheel Roulette at a casino. Above we briefly mentioned a direct bet, with which you play an amount on 1 number. Within the field, however, you can also gamble on multiple numbers at the same time in order to take prizes. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are not obliged to bet on direct numbers.

You can also play on series of numbers. These are outside bets, where you play for example on the color red or on all numbers from 1 to 18. Do you prefer to play specifically explained series of numbers? Then at Multiwheel Roulette you can play on the racetrack, where you will also be able to choose, for example, Les Orphelins and Les Voisins Du Zero as bets. This is also called the neighbor game, where you will play on adjacent numbers of the cylinders.

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Play Multiwheel Roulette for free

Players who would prefer to get acquainted with the Multiwheel Roulette first should pay attention! Search the internet for a demo game of this variant. In these demo games you can’t bet any money and you play purely for points.

This way you can have a whole evening of fun without it costing anything.