Most played games in online casinos

When you play at a casino there are of course many different games available on which you could place a bet. The casino’s game selection is usually divided into several categories, making it easy to find a game you like to play. Now if you want to know what the most played games are at an online casino we have compiled a top 3 for you below. You’ll see that among the most played games in online casinos are video slots, roulette and blackjack. Per game we give an explanation, so at least you know in advance what the intention will be when you’re going to choose a game from this top 3 casino games.

1: Video slots
That video slots are on 1 of the top 3 most played games in an online casino is of course not very strange. Relative to all other casino games on which you can place a bet online, these are in fact the most widely available in the casino’s product range. Video slots are developed by many different producers so you’ll always be able to enjoy different themes. When you place your bets on an online video slot the aim is to spin as many similar symbols as possible on the 5 reels that a slot has. Combinations can be made by forming win lines, but it’s also possible to win on certain win ways. In the latter case, the positions of the symbols do not matter, as long as they are spun on consecutive reels. What makes video slots popular is the number of extras that can be found with the games. For example, you will get increased chances of winning through Wild symbols, Scatters and free spins, but there will also be regular bonus games to play in order to win more money.

2: Roulette
Most people who hear the word roulette will at least have an idea of what the gaming table looks like. The object of playing roulette is to use your bets to predict which number will fall into the cylinder. Among the various variants, European roulette is the most commonly played game in an online casino, but French roulette and an American variant are also available in abundance. When placing bets on the popular European roulette variant, you do so with chips that can be valid for the numbers 0 through 36. Winning is possible when the ball lands on a number corresponding to your bet, and payouts are made immediately.

3: Blackjack
The last one from the top 3 most played games in an online casino is blackjack. If you like card games, then playing online blackjack is a must. In this card game your goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible and thus beat the dealer. To achieve your goal you start by placing a bet, after which 2 cards will be dealt. Based on these cards you can decide to stop, pass, double, split or insure. Of course, it is also possible to have additional cards dealt and try to achieve a higher point total. When you have finished playing, the dealer’s hand is played according to fixed rules. Once this hand is also known the winner can be determined and payouts are of course made immediately.