Money Drop Live

Our conclusion on Money Drop Live

With Money Drop Live, Playtech has shown it can still be innovative and develop a game for both new and more experienced players. Either way, it is fun to pick up a few games of this game in between! The game looks very good visually, while it is still easy to play due to the user friendliness of the interface.

The game is quite similar in structure to Deal or No Deal, also from Playtech. You play through several phases and only at the end do you have a chance of actually cashing in your winnings. Fortunately, there are some unique features included, including the bonus feature.

If you’re playing for as much potential profit as possible, it’s better to play a bit more conservatively. By playing quite a few games in a row, we found out that this gives you a better chance of ending up with more money. However, you can also have a lot of fun with risky bets, as they make the game a lot more exciting. Whichever strategy you choose, Money Drop Live is always a good choice and is therefore definitely on our list of recommended games to play!